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Casali judging one another constantly kind of putting the issues on one another and one person can be coming very and secure are because it seems like they can't do anything right eight and it's interesting and how they can make a still uncomfortable they can make a still unhappy they could also kind of adds who are victimhood and it also kind of add to this mysterious feeling that's really now mysterious but is really actually quite lonely an reality were really be train our own true self and you know you said thirty ask yourself why god why do this happened in may what is happening acted i'm not a million other people but i chose this relationship i i think it's all about learning i think it's all about learning it's all about figuring out who we are it's all about i understand our value to understand are value but not only to understand are value but to see it and act accordingly i mean a lot of us know there were a valuable people and we believe in ourselves at the corner but most of us don't acts that way or demand that to be the way the other people act toward us in our day to day life because we haven't done so that level of celtics sox's we haven't gotten that level is self except as because we just haven't done a yet because you know what the cards of is stacked against as our whole life then we've had our relatives you know raises a certain way and we we've learned from that and also some it's an eight one of the hardest things a deal was i think for people that are big errors and care about other people and and pathetic in and in really do care.

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