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A there's various stories, but it when you get good at creating habits, and it's pretty easy to do that. You can then apply those skills to other challenges in your life that are harder. So. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about creating a new habit, and then we'll come back to stopping a habit and kind of the step by step process, even though you shared your approach with. The popcorn how change leads to change, so give us the elevator pitch for tiny habits and approach elevator pitch. It is the simplest fastest way to create new habits supported by my research of over forty thousand people who've done the method who coach personally and measured results week after week. That's the elevator pitch. I guess the way you do add. I'm looking at the book. It's like they're does, but it can be somewhere like this. Take any habit you want and make it really really easy to ridiculously easy to do so say you want to read more. Will scale it back to be read a paragraph. Maybe it's Rita sentence. Maybe it's just open the book. There's a summer that was the habit as all I did was open the book. Then you find. Where does that tiny version of that habit? Where does that fit naturally in your life? And one of the breakthroughs I had my work was understand. What is it come half? Of So. I opened the book after I sit down on the patio in the evenings. So what you're doing is you're designing dairy tiny behavior into your life. You're fitting it into your routine where it will fit naturally just like you'll take a little seedling or a seed and. This seed. Take root and thrive, so it's the design process. So. The tiny habit recipe becomes after I. sit down on the Patio in the evenings. I will open my book now. Some people think that's not very meaningful, so they might say well I will open my book and read one paragraph. It's not one chapter has to be so simple. So easy to do that even when you're sick or busy or stressed, you can still do the behavior, so you can be very very consistent. The third piece and all of these are hacks making tiny, reminding yourself by connect, call it anchoring anchoring it to an existing routine like sitting down on the patio. That's a hack. Because you're not using alarms or post. It notes or whatever you are using your existing routine to remind you. Then the third one called celebration you wire in the habit into your brain by deliberately causing yourself to feel a positive emotion. And The emotion of the feeling of success in the book shine so you? There's different ways to help yourself feel China so. One thing I did with opening the book was my bookmark. Had this really cutesy Smiley face on it? And when I opened the book, I looked at that smile face, and as I could for you Bj you're reading right and that would create shine which would help wire in the habit. If you're a flashing, it could be after I brush I will floss one tooth, and you could look in the mirror and smiling. Yep, that's how you do it..

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