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Protection our border security systems were never designed to deal with roughly what could this year be a million people more than a hundred twenty thousand people illegally crossed into the US in may alone and says that the border must be secured in order to address this humanitarian crisis two big brush fires are burning thousands of acres on the island of Maui ABC's Clayton Centel says just as fire crews got ahead of a fire burning on land that used to grow sugar cane it yesterday another one started this one near several big box stores officials say at least one fire may be a case of arson Molly police say they're now looking into truck seen yesterday leaving the area of that second fire one of the homeowners in the area is Oprah Winfrey she tweeted and she opened up a road on a property for about two thousand people evacuated from the area and for emergency workers the fire is now seventy percent contained the house has passed a bill extending funding for the nine eleven victim compensation fund the bill now heads to the Senate house Republican Peter king says the phrase never forget needs to mean something this involves the commitment of the United States to always stand with and be with those who put their lives on the line for the rest of us the funding extension runs for decades NYPD detective at Luiz Alvarez push lawmakers to pass the bill just a few days before he died from cancer authorization for the fund expires next year in the program administrator has warned it is running out of money the angels have paid tribute and made history in their first game back in Anaheim since the death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs two pitchers combined to no hit the mariners in a thirteen nothing when all the players were wearing Skaggs number forty five jerseys last night on Fox Sports west forty.

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