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Walton will be joining us in a few minutes to talk about marry town and more and the dick and i'm sure over in the meantime and as you mentioned earlier this hour tony marry tell him arms no stranger to television before and after her own show and the dick fan die show which he did to variety shows which i don't people that people remember they fall one thirteen and now and i was called marry and one was the our our in the second one was david letterman was a regular in on the first line michael he was a regular in the second michael to was in the first one as part of the ensemble your than both use them both get america more our you had dick sean and you had on toward the met marry you had to sean michael keaton david letterman who played the announcer yeah but he would walk into scenes and so zeke hurts so broadway actress runaway actress and maryland marco who later would be right on the mark maryland mark yeah yeah and i forgot who else but you had this really cool ensemble but this is also it was something that letterman would bring up often as weird always associate letterman owing so much to johnny cars in and all that but he talk about yeah his lack of months first johnson television wants to do this and they would play this musical number with him and michael can that and you could tell pick sean maybe but michael get and david letterman had no business being and a musical but that's what you did in the the age of the variety shelf married.

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