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And traffic now take a our news time nine oh two good morning i'm mark carlson there's a cardinals general manager steve kaime have issued statements regarding times arrest earlier this week for allegedly driving under the influence cayenne was arrested over the fourth of july holiday by chandler police the team issued a statement saying we are aware of the incident on wednesday involving steve cami fully recognizes the seriousness of the situation and that this type of behavior is unacceptable and inexcusable stephen mmediately alerted the team who in turn reported it to the nfl has required under the league's personal conduct policy came said in a statement he regrets is incredibly poor judgment and inexcusable actions came ads accepts full responsibility for his actions and we'll take steps to ensure that he never puts himself or the cardinals in this type of situation again we're learning new details on the ninety two year old woman accused of shooting and killing her seventy two year old son because she did not want to live in assisted living maricopa county sheriff paul penzone says is deputies have been called to the home in fountain hills several times in recent weeks interstate eight at this time is open we had a couple of lane closures earlier in the day whoever now the freeway is fully open both directions apparently clip at penzone ads the victim called mcs oh several times prior to the day he was killed forty threats from his mom mc it so found twelve weapons in the home you've probably seen those pesky pop up ads advertising tent tech support be careful the fbi says it could be a scam support scams involve criminals pretending to be tech support personnel to gain access to your devices sometimes the utilize emails to send to the victims indicated there's a problem with their computer they can also use pop ads or they just simply make a telephone call to their victim martin helmer with the phoenix division of the fbi says legitimate tech companies will not reach out to you directly so if contacted by someone claiming to work for a tech support company whose identified a problem with your computer that's a red flag he says scammers will also pay to have their fake tech support companies.

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