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And ninety two point one FM. Memphis morning news. Hello. It is six fifteen. We've got a temperature of forty degrees. More rain coming goodness gracious. What about yesterday, Sherry my goodness? We lost mangino ghrelin. From the Debbie, Debbie. We lost the captain from captain into Neil. And then I don't know if you saw ocean's twelve and notions thirteen we lost lioness's the guy played lioness's, dad. Bob, Einstein who was Albert Brooks. His brother also did the parody stuntman super, Dave Osborne. Remember him? Yeah. We lost three yesterday and probably lost more. But focus was on on those yesterday. So a sad day in the in the entertainment world. In fact, here's a little bit more on main, gene? He became one of the most iconic voices in wrestling gonna ask you very seriously. Do you blame Mr. Jack Tunney the distinguished president of the world? Wrestling federation for Ricky steamboat being the intercontinental champion today. On the backstage interviewer for several moments in wrestling history passed away Wednesday Oakland was known for going toe to toe with the likes of macho man, Randy savage, Andre the giant and the ultimate warrior to name a few with nothing more.

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