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Hello and welcome to highly questionable this person right here. She claims she will not be gotten by Bobby on the fake handshake today. That's a kind. What do you like on the show today? Meena not gonna get me in this week. Scratch my face Meena just said she is not given any consideration. To what the joke is gonna look like on television. Little is in the meal is officially over. And he continues to call him Ulan. Even though it is Mullins. I was a dreadful game last night between two very broken teams. But what I took from it as I have throughout Kyle Shanahan tenure in San Francisco is this guy is an absolute quarterback whisper. He did it for Matt Ryan who hasn't looked the same since this guy left aside and Bill Belichick trade in Jimmy Garoppolo there for less than what he could have gotten because he wanted this guy and say fans if there is an heir to the Bella check thrown it's gonna look like someone like this guy someone who can make any quarterback. Look competent those two interceptions last night. Those weren't even his fault necessarily it's possible that we may have over hyped Nick Mullins after facing the raiders that defenses like quarterback PD's, which isn't to say he was terrible last night. He was pretty solid. He missed a few throws. He hold onto the ball a little bit too long, but he's an undrafted quarterback. And that was his second game. Playing next to an undrafted running back throwing a bunch of late round receivers if I'm Niners fan, I'm thrilled with the offense. It's the defense which is loaded with a bunch of first round draft picks that's been disappointing. But Nick Mones I expect to see him a lot between now and the end of the season and the next year I expect to see him in Tampa Bay Jacksonville. The big Draymond green. And Kevin Durant where bickering on the bench last night, Shaun Livingston said it was team spirit and this team win so much is so bored by winning when they lose they have to have something that's a little bit combustible. So you get Draymond green. Who knows himself? Well, enough to say that when boogie cousins arrived there there was going to become flicked because Draymond green goes looking for motion conflict, and there he is voice of reason. Peacemaker boogie cousins dragging dream on green away from Kevin Durant. I love this though mean it shows that they care in the middle of the season. Is it a big deal? No, they didn't joy Steve Kerr saying after the game that Durant had to stay on a little longer despite being foul trouble. Because the words were quote a little short handed without Steph describing the warriors as being short handed when they got forbid they have to play with four superstars instead of five is like complaining about running out of champagne on a yacht. It's the old. First world problem. I will say this though, while they should still be able to win games without Steph. It's obvious that his absence does create some problems, mentally, right? Because he might not be the best player on the team. But he's obviously the emotional core. And one gets the sense that if he wasn't there you'd see little squabbles. Like this a little bit more often. Didn't mean a really try and do quote marks with tape on her hands while saying shorthanded with no sense of irony when she couldn't reach higher to make the quote marks where they should be which is a year round. You better be careful because Draymond got a quick move with his leg. You know? You can get you. You know, where you're going to jump. You know, where if you didn't know where the junk. How worried should seventy six to be about Marco FOX shouldn't trope. I am really concerned about the way my father pronounces that last name on television. This made me cringe last night. Philadelphia hands Miami, its third straight home laws and Marquel..

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