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El Paso, El Paso Texas, Al Gore discussed on Pat Gray Unleashed



I am so sorry. I'm so sorry that you had to hear that that that climate change is as big of a threat as what you faced tonight germany. It's really it's it's despicable then he was talking about al paso his hometown <hes> <hes> my my son henry who's eight years old when i was talking to him the other night he asked me dad. If you win and you become president. We get to live in el paso right and i said no. If we win the way this works we would live in washington d._c. But he knew because i had told them about the warming that we face that our community to be uninhabitable not sustain along this is scared something dramatic down fundamentally change only go. My gosh charges yeah. I mean that i'm serious. That's horrific that is just really. It is child abuse. You're telling your son that your hometown is going to be uninhabitable because of point nine degree increase in the temperature in the last hundred years. That's what's despicable as well. I mean if it's gone up five degrees in the last hundred years then you might say okay. Yes things is a really bad sign. We we're gonna have to do something about this. That is really where is c._p._s. Yes when you need 'em. How could you scare your child like that over this ridiculous hoax. Has it gone up. Yes is a catastrophic. No that's the hoax. They're making a fortune on this talk to al gore about it. America's first climate billionaire because of the hysteria he is creating over man caused climate change. I i hope these people are proud of themselves. Frightening you talk about fear mongering thing how do you how dare you point a finger at republicans over fearmongering when you're the biggest fearmongers on this planet. You're talking about eugenics gannex. You're talking about population control. You're talking about not having children anymore. You're talking about el paso texas being uninhabitable debatable.

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