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Favourite from the three available openings shyly. Try out the dull. This has to be the key thing you've done the longtime larry a faster and faster you until suddenly there's a loud flatulent sound god. It's so fucking gross. That's the that's the voice of god because it's not larry saying oh i've <hes> this is. I haven't been this kinky in a wild yes. It's it's you larry. I'm watching you so i'm a blow up doll and i'm nisshin narrator has a this is god's judgement so you talk with a eve is in the hot tub. She's cover. She's completely naked and <hes> you have to talk to her a little bit. She loves you immediately yeah. If you give her the apple she wants to have sex with jio in the remake. She has sex with the top in the original. She takes you in the bedroom and has sex with you in the original the and this is the end of the game. <hes> it it. You know there's not that much to it. It's just just like you spend a lot of your time. Just trying to figure out what the fuck do but if you actually play through it if you know what you're doing it's not that long of a game and then you had cameo a fourth wall breaking cameo from either ken williams uh-huh in the original sierra online or in reloaded aloe pops out of the hot tub where you're having sex with o'brien shirt with a saxophone. It's so fucking i mean i guess he was just down there hanging out yeah. He's he's blowing larry before for the girl he really does. I i found a like an article about how he was on stage at some sort of european game convention yeah and he played the lead larry theme on his saxophone dot rules so oh that's kind of charming. He really does play saxophone. He really feels like a character from <hes> ready player. One like feels like specific classic eighties developer type you know with all his quirky specifically kiss hawaiian shirt and his saxophone feels like in the future when we're all like killing each each other for credits in order to solve this future puzzle like that'll be one of the things it'd be like. Did he have a beard or not. Of course he had a beard. You know he saw the feeder puzzle. Pour some hot sauce. The whale's blowhole honestly that's the kind of both i you know what i don't like that book either last ready player one. If it would sort of mark ryan wants it was aloe allo and it was just a bunch of shitty adventure razorbills and then you've got to turn off the system or whatever at the end yeah like that puzzle is the gabe is the third gabriel night game where you have to like use a duct tape to get hair off a catsuit. Give yourself a fake mustache and draw moustache on a picture new drama cash on an it was a really great article for extent that it's like the worst adventure game puzzle of all time so confusing both sound like talking about nightmares well. Here's a nightmare so in the original game. There is a ticking clock whereas you're supposed you're supposed to have sex by five a._m. And part of the reason you have sex sexual. The prostate is to buy yourself some more time so you can. You can have sex or the other women but if you don't complete the game if you are sorry if you don't have sex by five am i am larry. Commit suicide takes out a handgun. His head and closes brains man. I wonder even even running just to see that yeah yeah under the sun is smiling. Yes i've in the morning. It's a new day and he just kills them to the no yeah. He's not looking forward without awesome..

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