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What did you see the earthquake into nominees easier was by far the the worst story that we covered this year, the devastation was just unbelievable to see we landed in Palu at an at an airport that was destroyed and you had people just all over the runway waiting for planes to land to get them out of there. Because basically where they lived had become hell on earth. You have neighborhood where the earthquake had liquefied the ground and just swallowed up. The house is basically turned the ground into quicksand. So you'd go into some of these neighborhoods and you'd see. You know, what appeared to be a neighborhood that maybe had been built on a hillside or kind of an elevated area, and then we talked to people, and they'd say, no, this was flat that is the earth that jutted out and push those houses up and sunk those other ones. It was devastation damage. I have never seen before. And frankly, you this sounds horrible to say, but you don't get the smell of death out of your head for a really long time after something like this. And sadly, we saw so many bodybags so many families mornings so many people just on the side of the street wailing because they had just found out that their loved one was dead. It was really horrendous and a recovery. I'm sure will take many more months if not years CBS news correspondent, Ben Tracy covering Asia on the urine. Rhonda, thanks, man. Thank you. Stay with us. Just.

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