Donald Trump, Democrat Party, Barack Obama discussed on Rush Limbaugh


On in this case allah there was not a sin that there was not a democrat who wanted to be alive today who is going to cross the aisle and vote the democrats agenda is trump hatred rooted in trump not qualified trump on fit there is not a single democrat that would survive after assisting or siding with anything trump wants chonkin nancy can do it on a case by case basis but they're the leaders in a row and and they can they can claim they're doing it for deep dark strategical reasons to screw trump down the road but the rank and file the democrat party is united by hatred their largest hate group in the country they're united by deep hatred for donald trump they don't care about their voters they really don't that's the one of the biggest political myths the democrats don't care about the little guy what the democrats do hope is harmful to their voters and the little guy you'll get african american unemployment into sought african american unemployment is at an historical low after one year of donald trump you don't want to african american on the employment was during the eight years of obama try fifteen percent on the you'll three and twenty eight percent or twenty six percent on the eu's six there are two different unemployment categorisations will their lists six the youth three is what gets reported that's the unemployment rate every month as the youth three you six calculates that a different way but african american hispanic on the employment historical lows democrats camp claimed to have any thing to do with it this is all changed since trump became president.

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