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You may run into them in media including wwe and annexed tv. Sam roberts welcome back any. Thanks for having me man. So get some plumpton. Tell people what you got going on. And how they can listen and holding it. Folio social media. Okay so one of my favorite things. I just did not say i'm wrestling podcast. That came out on monday. I mean it's the summer slam preview show but like there's a lot more than summer slam preview like i talk about how cool it is for wrestling fans. I think in a in a broadway to see christian winning a world title In two thousand and twenty one but my favorite thing that i did is roman reigns came out on smackdown on friday wearing a pair of sneakers. Some people caught it. Some people didn't because some people don't know anything about sneakers. And that's fine. But the travis scott fragment jordan ones and i use that as a jump off point to explain how wearing those sneakers and presenting himself as someone who wears those sneakers at this moment on this television show is this little mainstream piece to roman reigns it. The right people are noticing this and if the right people are pushing this forward that i it can result in roman reigns being the next mainstream guy. The next john seen the next rock without having to leave. Wwe that those guys became sort of seriously mainstream. Once they got into. Hollywood and roman reigns is on this route where he can become more like the professional football player professional basketball that goes beyond the nba or the nfl brand and becomes a household name and a superstar in in his own right I think that that's the road that roman reigns can be on but all did the whole sort of thesis developed around the shoes. He was wearing on smackdown. So you know if you wanna see me or listen to me. Expand on that As weird as it is. That was a my my my personal favorite topic on the not. Sam wrestling podcast on monday. Oh and wade you can. If you got peacock you can search. Not sam on peacock and the whole first season of not sam wrestling that i did at the end of last year. Beginning of this year is now available on peacock to watch fifteen episodes an hour each last hour and a half and i'm really proud of him. So that's the wrestling fan show that i did for. Wwe network. at the time now. Peacock i i sense. Genuine enthusiasm for sam. I mean it's really for me. I think more of a joy of performance. Here you go. Well played will learn from that. Because i don't even know what a sneaker is because i'm from minnesota. We have tennis shoes even if it's not the tennis shoes the roman reigns. I guess that is what everybody known. Minnesota would say. What kind of tennis shoes. Roman wearing people out in their charts online. If you google different regions in the united states call call athletic footwear. And they're just different weird terms everywhere. I think sneakers is the most popular. But if you're not used to sneakers it sounds like like slippers. You're like trying to tiptoe around at the night sneaking around like why would they be this in tennis shoes kind of silly but like they at least are used for ten is not sneaking around so i know regional regional. Things are fine dialect. Thank you thanks. Dialect is much more adult word. Thank you all right. Let's let's get to talk consumer slam here. And let's you start with manual. Spoke about roman reigns who is defending his. Wwe universal championship against john. Paul him in his corner. This is a match. I'm very much looking forward to. I did not like john. Cena's promo on monday. In a number of ways that ultimately might not matter because it had a big match feel. I'm sorry friday. The vibe at all gave off which big match feel like these are two big stars from sort of two different generations or overlapping generations but rains in his prime sina the star who might set a record. There were the maddest off. You know you're not drawing numbers and they they called me to save you. Save the show from you or something. That didn't make sense. Because all i see is viewers roman succeeding in front of sellout crowds. And he just seemed like the most accessible guy ever seen is like. Oh yeah they called me. Because you're not succeeding. I don't know what that means. So i'm open to having that explained to me but that part didn't resonate but but i think roman reigns and you're talking about him becoming a star like the way he stood there and did not at all shrink in that moment with john cena. Who's had so many big moments like that selling pay per view and they've got one more show to do it on friday but seen has done that so many times with no less than the rock but many others also in raines. One of the criticisms has him as a baby faces that i had is. He didn't have that. Traditional golden baby-faced promo right before major pay per viewer to sell a match. Just wasn't his thing. I thought standing there opposite of sita and thrown back at sina. Unlike you. i'm going to say good things about you. Because when i beat you wanna meet. Somebody means something. Not somebody means nothing like. I'm still watching him imagining. Their trajectory iffy lasts long enough before being called into hollywood or something as a fulltime top star. What the trajectory is for this character. So sam those are some of my thoughts on on the height. going into this Tell me what you think about the and then we'll get into the options for the match itself on saturday. So i thought i thought the segment was great first and foremost always by far the best smackdown you know. I thought it was interesting..

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