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Six months after a mass shooting at Mayfair Mall, Community leaders around Milwaukee are renewing calls for peace for shots fired the mental and physical effects from the shooting that left eight injured inside the mall are still being felt today, and there's so much long and grief Trauma and devastation. Kevin Stewart is the missioner for community engagement at the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee Island, as we know, with particular attention to the greater Milwaukee community is just out of control says more needs to be done having people speak and two legislative action to gun purchase through the merchandise approach. Tony Braddock WTMJ News Peace rally will be held tonight at six at Heart Park in Tosa. Police in the nominee falls were investigating after two people were found dead in an apartment building. Officers were called to the apartments along Appleton Avenue and Shady Lane by a concerned family member before 11 30 Wednesday morning, officers found a man and a woman dead from apparent gunshot wounds. They're not looking for suspects. No meeting said at least not for now between the city of Milwaukee Alfonzo Morale is a day after a judge set a deadline for the two sides to decide the police chief's fate. No, there has been no calls since yesterday when I was attorney read the last Waiting for his phone to ring after the court said the city has 45 days to either restore morale is as police chief or reaches settlement. He is already willing and able, and has been to return to the job as the chief. Would it be awkward coming that I think he would not have a problem. The question is on the other side with city leadership are firing Police Commission leadership. There's some of that comfort come from the February departure of commission chair Steven Devo. CAS. I don't really know that would be speculating as to seeing that remain ready, willing and able to hash things up. G. Miller WTMJ news houses here. Really approved $1.9 billion to bolster security at the capital after the January 6th insurrection. The money provides emergency funding to harden the complex with retractable fencing. Quick response force and police training. The passage comes a day after the house approved the formation of an independent commission. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Senate delegation is split when it comes to creating a commission to investigate that January six right at the Capitol Republican Senator Ron Johnson, telling Fox News is Laura Ingram that he plans to vote no investigations going on. I'm doing my own investigation to really accurately recreate exactly what happened on January 6th. But Nancy Pelosi's commission is not going to dig into the same kind of bipartisan Fashion. She gets to pick all the staff members. This is a joke and should be voted down. 60 senators would have to vote Yes to create the commission. Coming up is a rod losing his marketability, citing a limited WTMJ news time. Three or four this report sponsored by our In our insurance. They are the knowledge brokers, acquisitions.

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