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W t o p Coming up. Gunfire breaks out underneath the bright lights of Times Square in New York. Republican leaders in Congress debate the future of the grand Old Party in early literacy program in D. C. Is asking the D. C Council for funding. I'm occasion. James. Good to have you with us this afternoon. W T o p News time is 4 31, who's bringing Churchill Downs is suspended Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert after his Kentucky Derby winner, Medina Spirit failed a post race drug test. It is Baffert's fifth horse to fail a drug test in a year Wook why TV's Andrew Chernoff is in Louisville. There's just so much money in it. You've also got different types of scientific advantages now that you can use to help your horse going forward and everyone's trying to sort of beat the system. India will recruit hundreds of former army medics is supported, overwhelmed healthcare system. This is the country grapples with a record covert 19 infection rate and deaths amid calls for a complete nationwide lockdown. That is what Dr Anthony Fauci says should happen on ABC. We need to break the chain of transmission. One of the ways to do that is to shut down. Seven adults have died in an early morning shooting at a mobile home community in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Among the dead is the suspect, an adult boyfriend of a female victim, according to police. CBS News brief on that Piper it is 4 32 3. People are shot, including a four year old girl in Times Square. It happened Saturday afternoon. More now from Fox's Ashley Strohmeyer, a four year old girl was out shopping for toys when she was shot in the leg following a fight between a group of men. Officers were saying rushing her to an ambulance so she could be taken to the hospital for surgery well to other women, including a tourist from Rhode Island were also hit in late afternoon shooting. All are expected to survive the NYPD releasing footage of a person of interest, saying he would be caught shortly Commissioner Dermot Shea, blaming the tragedy on bad policy and the spread of illegal firearms. According to the department data. There have been 416 shooting so far this year. That is up 83% from last year when there was only 227 shootings. To this point, it is 4 33. The death toll has risen to nearly 70 after a bombing in a school in Afghanistan's capital. Most of the people who died were girls as well as the horrific number of deaths. Those wounded in Saturday's attack, which took place in a mostly Shiite neighborhood has also climbed to more than 103. Explosions outside the school entrance struck as students were leaving for the day, with the first explosion coming from a vehicle packed with explosives in a capital rattled by relentless bombings. Saturday's attack was among the worst. Criticism has mounted over a lack of security on growing fears of even more violence as the U. S and NATO complete overdraw rule. Charles Dale, dismal with The Associated Press coming up on W T O be firing squad could become an execution choice in this state again. It's 4 34 for the ones.

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