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Those gusting winds at seven twenty on WCBS. The city is backtracking on plans to cut the number of firefighters on some fire engines WCBS reporter, Mike shmelts with that story uniformed firefighters association. President terrar- FitzGerald sums up his discussions with the deposit administration. So far, they made points that I was pretty much have been aware of and just don't agree with city officials in the are looking at cutting what's called the fifth man on fire engines extra firefighter for about twenty inches across the city that union boss. Fitzgerald says is crucial and operates as a manpower pool. If one person goes sick gets hurt during the course of a tour. That means a ladder company will be will be responding with less than a full assignment of firefighters on that Rick and that makes it dangerous city was the firefighters union to get its members to cut back on the amount of medical leave. They take a big money trainer. Something the union. In says, they can't do for now the fifth man on engines won't be cut. But that could change depending on whether the two sides can come to a deal at you headquarters. Mike's melts CBS, News Radio eighty single use plastic bags are being banned in New York state. There's been talked to of imposing a small charge for the use of paper shopping bags, but that will not be happening in Nassau County as we hear from WCBS reporters. So feel hall no way. Not in Nassau County. Those words from presiding officer of the legislature, Richard nickel Lilla when talking about a possible. Five cent charge on every paper bag. Nisa county cost of living is high groceries expensive Eddie five cent tax on paper bags is simply nickel and diming people after the state banned plastic bags counties are given the option of charging five cents for every paper bag use at stores. Coverage people to use reusable bigs. But as far as the government compelling, a local businesses to to make people pay for bags. That's that's that's dead on arrival on Nassau County. Sophie, CBS, News Radio eighty now at seven twenty two. CBS I on Benham's presented by progressive insurance. Former army Jag officer Brian Kins now in attorney at the Philadelphia law firm cozinne O'Connor was recently introduced to Philadelphia veterans court mentor and marine corvette. Tim win by fellow Jag officer as wind sought to address a criminal conviction from years. Earlier hint now working pro Bono to help his fellow vets. He ca pardon. We have an obligation to album through those issues, and if they can successfully confront them in and get on the right track. There definitely good candidates for pardon. So that these things don't stick with them for the rest of their lives. Win was unanimously recommended for a pardon by the Pennsylvania board of pardons in a way to final decision by governor, Tom Wolfe. I'm Eric Dame from connecting vets dot com for CBS.

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