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Focus is just get me to the next day. Give me to the next day giving to the next day and a lot of us. I mean, all of us have experienced that on some level. Throughout 2020 and here in early 2021, But for those guys, the focus is all right. You know, they have a goal one each week. Get me to Friday night or in college. Get me to Saturday afternoon on the NFL. Get me to Sunday. And you're just focused on get me there and then all the sudden When all those get me there's we're done. And you, you don't realize. The energy that you've expended because you were in the middle of it. And then all the sudden you wake up one day and you're like I am wrecked. And I think that that's the part of all this that we're not going to even understand for a while, which is You know this this the sacrifices made. By everyone. We talked about the very top of the show. It's not just the 19 and 20 year old players who have foregone a social life, and that includes, you know, seeing their families. So why we saw something the team's bailing on Bolin bites. Because they were just like us won't go home and see my mom. Yeah, inside. Just think that, but they'll all tell you it was worth it. No, that that's the other part two is that they'll all tell you that it was worth it, even if they had a terrible season. You know, wins and losses wise. Um, you know, it was worth it. So in my backyard in Charlotte, I am right behind a public high school. And then right behind me, is a private high school. And here in North Carolina. The private schools played high school football this fall, and the public schools are all going to play in the spring. And it was the weirdest thing because usually on a Friday night, the P A system for Providence High School, My daughter's high school. It sounds like it sounds like I'm in their football stadium. Like the P A system so loud it on Friday nights, it was quiet. Coming from the front of the house. But for the first time ever Through the woods. Pocket here. Charlotte, Christian and our buddy Steve Burns, who lost over years ago has some rice and I could hear rice and burns name being called on the P A system through the trees. And the kids from the public High school were heartbroken because they weren't playing, but they're going to play in the spring, and that's the sacrifice that they made. And so it's just it's some Everybody's had to figure out some adjustment. You're right, man. It just the You just got to get to the next game, but you just don't realize how exhausted you are until it's over with. It's like you know, I was supposed to have had before my first Covert 19 positive, which was a false way back in early October. I before I eventually did get it. I was supposed to have had the Virginia Tech North Carolina game, Chapel Hill. And Justin Point Day, Virginia Tech's coach was discussing what it was like managing the year. And they had brought in. I don't know whether it was this year last year. But they have brought in a navy seal to address the team. And after the CEO addressed the team. He Went over to the side and Justin walked over and he just was wearing this dude out, man. I wanna know about the training. How do you guys prepare? What's the training? Like? What do you do? Baba Block. And You know, Justin was very eager to learn and the seal kind of turned Gonna turn to Justin and said, Just get the breakfast. The entire mantra is just get the breakfast. And then once you're in Brecht wants your breakfast. Let's just get the lunch right and that that's so perfectly encapsulate the 2020. Football.

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