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That's the main day. You know what Santa says, will be different this year. And how 2020 could be the best Christmas ever Sunday morning 95.5 WSB news trap 95.5 W S. B, Let US news and looks two o'clock I'm Charlie O'Brien live in the W B 24 hour news center. Not story this hour. A one year old traveling boy is safe today after a man and woman kidnapped him from his mother Saturday at gunpoint that you've asked me Cheryl Pastoral reports, the mother tried to fight back. It happened in broad daylight shambling, police say one year old Matteo Barrera was snatched while his mom was pushing him in a stroller near their apartment in Clear View drive. Officers say the mom got into a fight with one suspect, tearing off a piece of his plaid shorts and even pulling off his red sneaker. She was able to grab his gun tried to fire the weapon, but it didn't go off. A second suspect was able to grab Matteo, The man and woman kidnappers are under arrest this morning after police caught them about 5 P.m. Saturday being those time to a one channel to media ravages Brad minutes calling for a cloudy overnight it let us most accurate and defendable forecast is straight ahead. Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill says he's the victim of a Social Security scam. His Friday statement says deputies are looking for a man identified as Anthony Clark Jr for calling Sheriff Hills County issued cell phone. Clark reportedly said he was looking into fraudulent use of hills Social Security number top local news every 30 minutes and when it breaks 95.5 WSB depend on it. W S B Stop National story president from planning the visit was councilman on Tuesday to meet with law enforcement in commotion. Matt Matt Jensen has more on that. In addition to the meeting, the president plans to survey damage caused by the protests over the shooting last week of Oh, Blake. There have been nightly demonstrations in Kenosha after a white police officer shot Blake, seven times in the back as he tried to enter his car in Illinois Teen is charged with shooting three people, killing two of them during one of the demonstrations. Blake survived the shooting, but his family says he may be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Matt Madison, NBC News radio of Republican student group that ever saw in this State university, is drawing criticism for donating money to the 17 year old gunmen who fatally shot Two protesters in Wisconsin colleagues. Republicans United amounts this week half of any funds they raise this semester will go towards paying the legal defense of Kyle Riton house. High school football starts next Friday. Each school district is making its own decision about letting fans in the stands. Walton High School football coach Daniel Brunner tells Channel two action use. They have social distancing plans for the players. We've got six by six boxes painted from the 10 year old mind to the 10 yard line and are old goal is to maintain that you know, 6 ft space for kids that are on the sidelines in the game because that's the stuff that we worry about. Atlanta and Clayton County schools aren't allowing any fans. Job will allow Playersfamilies there. Watch the game. Other districts will have only limited seating. WSB news time 203 here side to start your Monday knowing what's in front of you when you wake up. Tell your smart speaker to play 95.5 cover us for breaking news in the morning, Dr Kurt Malicious, five day forecast. Had a breakthrough in absentee voting in Georgia on Atlanta's morning you we've been talking about the bet you've had a good people on your team. That's a given with the folks at Ragsdale heating air and plumbing. This has got slate. Their owner, Arte Ragsdale feels that his secret to their success is all about making sure that every Ragsdale team member is a good person. He's so confident that his team and in the carrier equipment they install he can make you this guarantee of 15 year parts and labor warranty, a new carrier systems that's no worries or repair fees for 1.5 decades. What could happen in 15 years, kids grow up babies were born..

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