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And dot com governor john bell edwards revealed his worst case scenario budget which assumes lawmakers will refuse to replace a one billion dollars in expiring sales taxes enforce widespread slashing across state government crews are searching in the gulf of mexico for a woman who reportedly went overboard from a carnival cruise ship which homeports in new orleans the company says the forty four year old woman was seen going overboard sunday night and the jury in the ronald gasser trial hearing testimony today from a sheriff's deputy who investigated the scene of football star job ignites killing gasser claims he shot big died in selfdefence after a road raided the road rage incident in december of 2016 before the halfhour on wall street the dow is up sixty d three points nasdaq up 48 oil up twelve cents at sixty three dollars forty nine cents a barrel dow's deep geller wwl sports mr nfl draft mel cutler junior psb and just put out his first mark draft ahead of april's threeday event and has no lsu players being taken and round warn tigers running back darius guys is expected to be selected on the first day as is already key according to wwl draft new bike to tell ya since there is a premium on edge rushers lauderdale's god abramovich up with one another carolina state in you've got a little bit of hesitation on what's going to happen afterwards so how rushers of gold in the nfl and i think teams are certainly going to take a long look at him a key reason for key stock to take a dip whereas injuries this past season at lsu as a junior he was limited to eight games and finished with four sex with five and a half tackles for laws andy ports fall bull steve geller wwl sports and today on second gas with bobby gave yard mike to jill yet live from the silver slipper casino barbara saints quarterback you bari greer joins the guys at five thirty five pm bless who are the studs and dodds at the conference championships it how interesting is this year super bowl than at seven pm talk tiger hoop saw the will wage show up with the pros at four on the home of the saints and lsu wwl.

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