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Schefter podcast we'll be joined by the draft mavis mel kiper junior and todd mcshay themselves will tell us who won the draft who is eight for the two thousand nineteen draft the best quarterback for that draft plus we'll be joined by the bengals seven time pro bowl wide receiver aj green but first milk hyper and todd mcshay thank you for joining me today i appreciate that and let me see if you feel the same way but i say the end of the super bowl sorta like finishing finals in college during the winter term and then finishing the nfl draft is sort of like finishing finals in college at the end of the year where you know your summer break is appropriate or not absolutely that's the perfect analogy when the season's over i'm i sit there and talk to guys like greasy who i work with and herbie and all those guys and they're talking about going on vacation and where where their plans are and seeing their family and i'm like i'm just not even a quarter of the way up the mountain but now i mean tonight when i get in that car eighty four to ninety east new man the tunes are on the windows are down life is good how you feel about actually okay my leg was really bothering me the two weeks leading up to the draft which it always does i think a lot of stress related but at the end of the day adam you know it got through at somehow i think adrenaline and you get going in your keyed up and i got mcshea getting jabs in his sparring partner here to keep me going and it really does help because i think you know having tied to have that opinion and if we get into our era our differences and we move on it's fun so i think you can overcome a lot with the focus on the when you're sitting.

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