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Was that really the answer you found? Yeah, that is the answer I found. And if you take out dark matches, when she does what, she's had two matches. Well, when Sasha interfered, they called it a no contest, 'cause she technically attacked Bianca first and then she hit both people the official thing was no contest. Right. Yeah, Becky's only had two matches. Yeah. 'cause even Roman lost in tag team. The bloodline lost, I think the SmackDown before the match with edge. Okay. He didn't take the pain, obviously, you know. Yeah. But yeah. All right. Yeah. All right, fan questions. Here we go. Let's do it. Pop culture junkie, some people may say this year's WWE draft was a waste of time. Some say, an incredible waste of time. However, I say forget wasting 5 pointless hours of your life and instead, spend an hour on the what's wrong with wrestling best ass bracket. Exclusively on Patreon. Done. Great question. What a great question. Great question. Justin Stewart, do you guys have an unpopular wrestling opinions or hot takes? That would get some criticism. I mean, no, 'cause all of our opinions are correct. Yeah. I mean, 7 years of this podcast, you could probably find some, but none come to the top of my head. I know what he did was horrible, but I still think Chris Benoit was a great wrestler. And I would say mine's probably the opposite before we found out all about that. I just never thought of him as a good wrestler at all. And I always knew that one day he was going to murder his family. I should have said something. That is the hottest. Andrew, you should have said something. Yeah. Matt Matt Damon. Let's all try and be serious here for a minute. Fuck marry kill. Okay, fuck. Waffles, pancakes, French toast. Okay, okay. I think I'm gonna kill French toast because nothing is waffles and pancakes. I'm gonna like it. You're not gonna kill French toast? I'm gonna fuck French toast. Man, I'm gonna marry waffles and I'm gonna kill pancakes. All right, I'm gonna marry waffles as well. Yeah. I love waffles. I love waffles. I'm a fuck me some pancakes. Yeah. I'm on a fucking pancakes. I hop better watch out. Same for me, I'm gonna marry waffles, fuck pancakes. Oh, maybe I should fuck waffles 'cause like during COVID, I did DoorDash like a Belgian waffle and it arrives. I opened it and it looked like it. No, it looked like someone had sex with the waffle. Dude, it was so no, this was Uber eats. So I took a picture. Everyone that follows them on Twitch knows this, but I do. I'll show you later. But I took a picture of the waffle and then I sent it to Uber eats complaining and they said, why are you complaining? And I said, it looks like someone fucked my waffle. I don't like what people might want to wear. I use those exact words. You should have been like, does anyone know where Jason Biggs is right now? I got the entire meal for free. Including my son's Leo's part is like, yeah, it looks like someone fucked my waffle. Even my son, my 5 year old son said, it looked like someone fucked that waffle. Hey man, I mean, I'm still ate it, but like, you know, just look kind of weird. Out of all the Uber drivers. All of them ever? Yeah. I'm sure someone fucked the waffle. You know what I mean? It's probably that. This is probably thank you. Thank you for getting us. Waffles. On my Twitch channel, which, you know, I haven't done Twitch in a while, but you know, if you subscribe, you make emojis and stuff. One of the emojis I made it, the actual waffle. Like the picture I took of the waffle. People would just be like pressing the waffle emoji. Yeah, nice. Charlie McKenna, would you rather Batista bomb a butt naked Eric? This guy? Yeah, I guess. Or tombstone a butt naked Josh. Come on. I mean, I guess the Batista. Y'all go with three. Kill myself. Andrew, and I'd rather have Eric's cock in my face than Josh's. Thank you. That means two stones like a 69. You're welcome. Right. Because he may be trying to dangle around your meat. I just met, I don't know, Josh, just seems a lot sweatier. You have a Josh might actually like, you know, take care of me while I'm too starting him. So I might go with Josh. Oh, you're naked too in this fantasy. Oh, we're not? Oh God. Where did I just go? Downtown. The Simon system works. When are we getting a 24 7 champions contender match? Probably Kevin Owens into that one. Yeah, I think so. That would be the ultimate fuck you. Yeah. Tobin, just listen to Hollywood hogwash and I'm surprised you guys didn't do awards after the review. Well, maybe we should. We joke to me. Maybe we should. I mean, we're not gonna do as many as because we know it's not gonna be worse match. No worse man. Super slow match with a carnage venom. Carnage venom. This match, who are you? I gotta be in the fucking theater like hold on. I know my phone's on. Fuck you. Best. Well, we can do like worst acting best acting. To do best and worst case. Discuss it openly. Best and worst moment, you know, not that many, but that would be fun. Yeah, thanks Tobin, more work. Appreciate it. Best acting works acting, best moment worst moment. Yeah. The comments. Ran the man, KO, man. Almost there. Yeah, someone posted like, I think it was Kevin Owens coming out last week. And he just comes out and he's just like rolling his neck back like, oh, God. And someone was just like four more months four more months. Yeah. It reminds me of like when EC3 was just ready to go. And he's like, oh my God. That was so funny. See? Three. And then he does his turn. 'cause his turn used to be so dramatic, he'd be like, and then he was just like, now remember the last I think the last time we shot, he was like, yeah. Right. Yeah. Like, didn't care at all. Sahem ramen, why was breath Phoenix and the kids at a grocery store at 9 o'clock on a Friday night? Instead of watching her husband and the father of her children on live TV. 'cause they know. They know the show sucks too. Same reason Roman. Yeah. You know. 6 stars 89 with few NXT talents called up to the main roster. Which one of them will do well and which one won't do so well. Rich Holland will do well, Zai Lee won't even show up. Exactly. Wow. Yeah. Brandon mcdaniel are they really paying Goldberg $3 million with that quality of promo skills? Jesus, he actually said he's going to leave his lifeless body gasping for air, what the fuck? Yeah. He was referring to himself after having Goldberg's the number one suspect. Well, yeah, that's what happened with the undertaker match because it's outside. You know, a 1000° there. Oh yeah,.

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