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I think it would be reasonable to expect, let's see, they play 17 games. Average average about two or three catches a game and I would expect some deep shots. So I want to see, I would say upwards ceiling a handful of really big plays for this team, certainly as he becomes comfortable as they as they go down the stretch in the season. I think that that's the reason why I wouldn't go nuts. Yeah, the Patriots put a little bit more pressure on the pick by trading up into the second round to get him. But look, they talked about. Devonta Parker, Nelson Aguilar, Kendrick Bourne, Jacoby Myers, time Montgomery. These guys are all proven NFL players. I do think it's a very crowded receiver's room. And I don't think everybody's going to be there in ago or could be the odd man out. Depending on how things flash in training camp, but they don't need taekwon Thornton this year to be great. Nelson Aguilar is not on the team next year, whether he's here or not. He's a free agent. So you're going to need to replace that deep threat. We've talked about the draft three inch and the draft are both a year down the road. Maybe this is a pick for the future, but they need a little bit of bang this year out of that buck. And I think they'll get it. I think they'll get some big plays where patriots fans get to get all revved up and think about him in the off season and how good he's going to be in year two. All that stuff. I think we'll get those fireworks. I've got two more things about the wide receiver situation..

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