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Independent news like info wars because they want total control whether they'd be right wing or left wing abc cbs nbc fox cnn msnbc remember gorbachev famously for he died was on cnn he goes wow i'm on cnn today and there's no general in hero colonel during the breaks telling me what i can say and cnn later had to admit it was in the news that delhi reported on it and said no we actually have on staff about three hundred officers and our new york and atlanta offices and we've even got several generals fulltime at cnn center in new york and in dc the articles up cia and top military runs cnn world daily dot com and then it lynch to the press releases and admission so there was also a press release four years ago by the pentagon a video press release of the deputy head of the army and also the deputy secretary of defense and our article about it was pentagon promises to stop lying because of the drudge report 'cause they source the drudge report they say we're going to stop lying now he's made the decision this is when the pentagon broke with obama and we're going to be embedded now all your local media to we're going to help you and i thought this is just ridiculous they're not actually going to do this and then like a strange stranger things episode the cia and military people started popping up all over the place and so far they've never given us any information but i just i'm not stupid i know what this is all about so we're not in kansas city more guys pulled up then from two thousand seventeen which is not the cruise fault when i throw this stuff out they're supposed to find it especially when it's a fifteen years old the exact headline is cnn shinners staffed with she i a operatives cia and military operatives crafting news that's your headline from fifteen years ago so that should some of the news we're going.

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