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Can either put Quincy in its center and move Fortner out to his old guard spot. Or you bring one of the bigs. Austin Dotson, of course, played a lot last year. Mammoth six, FT six Senior. To defend his horse. He got kind of rolled over. It's like they're taking a look at his left leg. Well, it looks like the looking on the right side, so we just get twisted up. Yeah. And all the As Mark Stoops a chance to have another nice visit with the referee Can Williamson thinks that was a little more cordial and course he has helped up by his head coach and trainer. And now we're gonna get a little help on either side of horsey to slowly walk his way toward the near sideline. Bring this young man has been through it all. Hasn't he open heart surgery and everything else to get back out on the football field and boy congratulations and coaches on the modern today Huge win over Iowa State in Ames Smoke comes out. Rodriguez walks out into the Kentucky Hubble. So Q is in there, but he's going to be at the left guard. Yeah, looks like at least from the alignment of the model that is still the center Quincy Wilson was targeted. Maybe when the center job coming into the season after The warrior drink. Jackson graduated, but we slip Portner over there. He's done. Well. Wilson settles in as the left guard Bates too tight ends on the left jogs in motion to the right. So you got a tight end and two wideouts to that side for lettuce low snap, but he bends over gets it puts it in the belly of Rodriguez. Who comes out across the 40 gets to the 41. That'll be a pickup of Ford will bring up a third down and six Levis. If you've done squats in a workout, that's what let us basically had to do and co dad Come up with that staff can be careful because he touches his knee to the ground back there, too. So very close. So it's six or 36 for Kentucky Wildcats six out of seven on third downs tonight trips to the right one wind up to the left, taking that toward the three minute mark. In the third quarter. Robinson started in motion left now. Turns and goes back out to the right. Three receivers to the right as levels drops fires into the middle. It's incomplete, trying to hit the quick slant, but it was broken up by Abrams. Drain Nickelback. Good pickup by Rodriguez. They brought one extra think may if he waits, another beat. Yeah, because he's great little Oakland. He's probably going to run away from that guy and he had time. But it's incomplete. But at least they got out of the hole, and now they can flip the field with a good punt here. The drive started at the eighth. They ended at the 41. So let's see if Barry can flip that field he does is going to be fielded an affair catch at the 20 yard line by Smith. 39 yard, but with the return And with 2 57 to play in the third. Missouri trailing by seven comes back on the attack. So Kentucky A couple of First downs there, but then Passes on, first down and third down. Fell incomplete. Gabriel Horsey. It's a left knee, Tom, we're going to evaluate holding for now. Thank you, Gabe. Basil AC and the offense for Mizzou come back out onto the field. Baby in the pistol formation, gets the call running left runs through a couple of tackles and man drives his way after the 28 yard line to pick up of eight before Jacquizz Jones. Makes the stop on it. And once again, it's second and short. Basically a free play here for the Missouri offense second down into their best run other than a basic lack scramble in the second half in formation. Crazy Lady Behind Basil Act coming near side on a keeper caught from behind and tackled by DeAndre Square. Had an open field at the 33 yard line looked like a bit of a busted play. Snap got into his belly and he couldn't control it, so he just followed the running back through the hole. And he had a lot of space is where doesn't make that tackle? Jones out freshman Trevor Wallace in the inside linebacker position. Opposite square, 1st and 10, Missouri and its own 33 Yard line. Select 24 36 212 Yards goes in motion left Select looking left fires into the middle. It's caught my dove at the tackle made by Mosley, right where the catch was made. Still, he got five on first half Quick square in for five again. It's you know, they're just making Enough on first down to get him in no short yardage situations. Something short passes are like the runs that they did this with last year in Columbia. They're using Roundtree to get chunks of yards on 1st and 2nd down second five Mizzou its own 38 again, baby lined up behind the quarterback. Take it to him. Basil accenting deep Checks it down near side. It's completely his tight end. Hey, makes the man missed its across the 50 into Kentucky territory. Nice run after the catch by 64 £245 Jr Nikko. Hey! He takes it down to the Kentucky 46 yard line, 16 yard game and again check down that initial guy that he wanted primary receiver covered. He checks down. Safety valves open drops it off. McCall out. Hes in on the nose Kentucky trying to get some fresh legs out there to get some pressure on Basil Act. If they get debate, you're running left black steps up in the pocket, and he throws incomplete down the near sideline for Chisholm. Inside the 20 yard line, and Carrington Valentine back in the game on the coverage, good coverage. He tries to go back shoulder, but he really zip that ball out there no chance for Children to get to it. So then I have them behind the chains at 2nd and 10, Kentucky, 46 46 seconds to play in the third quarter. Well, I drink. What's in his first season in Missouri was three games decided by seven or less at the seven point Kentucky lead right now, late in the third, running back beside the quarterback shifts after the right, so it's an empty set. Select quick throw to the near side. It's completely love it. Down to the 36 yard line very close to the first and he might be just a foot short. Nope. They're gonna move the sticks. First down. Just a little curl pattern just ran to the sticks and turned around Ball was right there well known as the first dance signal to change started to move and then The guy with the down marker flip the second down. So it's a completed pass the third, it should say so. 1st and 10 Mizzou at the 36 of Kentucky back to the pistol formation one white after the left two to the right. Running right with baby as a whole comes down across the 35 to the 33 yard line. Where Jones Waiver square. Make the tackle. Not calling those guys on the front three. Jeff tackles or pressures, Not at all. No. They just getting manhandled the point of attack here in the second half, second down and seven after the run by Beatty. And it's an end around Cooper headed to the far side with space to the 30 turns. The corner gets the first down before he's run out of bounds by Asian over the far sideline, So they sent the flow to the right and then gave it on the end around Cooper running to the left, and he had a lot of space over there before. Kentucky closed it off. He got nine yards in the first down on the final play of the third quarter 15 minutes left and regulation. It's 28 21, Kentucky, leading Missouri in the SEC opener here on the UK Sports Network. What makes one head of lettuce better than another? What makes a great greater at Kroger?.

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