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Hope. No one gets hurt. Officials warn the storm could cause catastrophic floods and knock out power for weeks. A federal judge today will consider whether to order Georgia to throw out as electronic voting machines from member station W A, B E in Atlanta. Johnny Kauffman has more Georgia in about a dozen. In other states use voting machines without a paper trail, cybersecurity experts say that leaves elections, especially vulnerable to potential hacks now a handful of voters in Georgia along with security advocates are suing in federal court. They want the judge to order the state to use paper ballots, but state and local election officials warn such a switch so close to election day would create chaos Johnny Kauffman from member station. W A B. This is NPR news. And this is WNYC in New York. I'm Richard Hake. New Jersey's not expected to get a direct hit from hurricane Florence. But WNYC's Rebecca Ibarra reports. That officials are still preparing governor Phil Murphy says transit agencies are stocking up on fuel in case of power outages. The state is keeping roads open and clear for first responders and the national guard is leaving vehicles and kilo caissons in order to shorten response times. The state will most likely get the tail end of Florence over the week. Weekend. So residents can expect high winds and heavy rains, especially in south jersey. Murphy says he won't go as far as his predecessor Chris Christie. Get the hell off the beach. But please may I ask you to get off the beach. Pretty please residents of little falls and brick should also be on alert for flooding registered Democrats in New York are getting ready to pick candidates for governor attorney general and the state legislature tomorrow is the primary WNYC's Mara silvers talked to one man about what's motivating him to go to the polls Travis Boyd says his favorite thing to do when he's not working is to hang out with his two little girls ages two and four his friends even have a nickname for him. They call me the best baby. Daddy in Brooklyn. It doesn't matter..

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