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All right, welcome in guys, a surprise emergency snowies. Surprise. Surprise to some, maybe not to all. Yeah, but I mean, I guess officially sort of official, word leaks out today, Tom Brady is in fact retiring. He's been dropping breadcrumbs along the way. There was a report last night from Jason lock on fora, that an announcement was imminent, ESPN reporting today that it is happening. It's not just happening. It's done. Tom Brady is hanging him up after 22 seasons. 20 of which he spent obviously here in New England. Tom Brady's last battle that he's waging is against local coverage versus once in a 40 something year snowstorm and I think he's winning it right now because Tom Brady is top of mind for a lot of people right now. So we're going to jump on here. We're going to talk whoever wants to join us. Great. Share Tom Brady thoughts, X, Y and Z, but I guess we'll just start with, I guess in the last few days it wasn't surprising, but if you rewind the clock to even a month ago or so Evan, I thought that this was unthinkable. I thought, you know, maybe there's something going on that he wants to see some changes. It was maybe a little bit of a power play. I didn't just think with no fanfare and going out with a disappointing loss in the divisional round of the playoffs that he'd just say, I'm good. Yeah, yeah, that definitely is a surprising way to go about it now. Maybe he feels like he's either gonna win MVP or finish second in the MVP voting. So how much better of a year? Could he really? Then what he had at this past season, although he didn't win a Super Bowl and he won the Super Bowl in his first year in Tampa Bay. He's not going to play much better than he did this past season in a way to go out truly on top. And I think that that's something that he's talked about a lot is that he wants to go back on top and go out on top and he doesn't want to go out limping like Peyton Manning did or like some of the other great quarterbacks did that Drew Brees at the end of their career is where they were shells of themselves. So Brady still elite and he gets to ride off into the sunset as everybody remembering him is nothing but good, right? Nothing but the greatest quarterback of all time..

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