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Him that you wanna talk about. We will bring it to the full time. We didn't even get round to the shoe strictly. We certainly didn't bought in a couple of weeks time where we're looking at tonight. The we've got the european while the champions league semi final and may we're going to be celebrating aston villa winning the european cup fallen off. So we can rowley. All into the next episode of maltese mix types and also expecting another mix type from sir mohtarma apple chase powerful. And we've also got on the next one copa pelley as well. So we've got until points lost a little bit of what's going on in the millions as well ten. Thank you sir for you. Tell them to always a pleasure. Paul is an absolute. It's nice to have a well state law danny's anytime you want voice. You've only gonna tell me. I'll find you up. I will record it. And that goes all of the players that you will apply within that class of icy wanna ninety two and the celebrations of forty years ago shores. Hopefully ease next but wherever it became whether he does. Whether it'd be allen whether it be whoever on there for all of you to record your memories as a fantastic feats of football. These area could still chairs powell till next on. Thanks daddy's don't call and for listening guys. Thank you okay. Killed for that jas pow cut off thanks.

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