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Hollywood paranormal and the world of podcasting because i know that we have some new listeners <hes> we are hollywood true crime and paranormal podcast where we talk about out hollywood true crime and its paranormal association along with anything that's weird and mysterious about hollywood in its outside areas of course and also things. We like to eat of course that to take you to a list of them real. Oh yeah it would take up the whole episode much much there you go and if you're just joining us for the twentieth ten fifth eightieth time guys welcome. We miss you all. Will you holly weirdo. Oggi's lors my name is tammy merhab traumas e hombres mitchell william and welcome so this season <hes> we wanted to focus more unpopular figures from l. a. and also popular groups which will kind of bring up later on this episode <hes> but we wanted to bring light a few neighborhoods that make up this crazy at amazing city of LA <hes> and boyle heights we see you. You're going to be getting your episode pretty sued food. <hes> another one is persona. Oh god you mean. I mean cuevas. I feel like it is our civic duty to spread the word on how to pronounce now the coin mccoy my guys and i'm white so i if i can do it so can so can you brice before we were episode was playing this video for me and the individual that was narrating could not pronounce it at all. I heard persona. What was that. I can't remember the bad one aucoin mia yeah. Oh yeah the last free. I get look when you move here to. LA from indiana i don't where employment reference from <hes> every even like lightly hispanic sounding word is terrifying the joola last scenic like they all just look like a foreign language and you don't you're talking about and everyone's putting the word the in front of the freeway names and it's very intimidating and then you've been here for ten years in our super bridge aided and it is second nature to you and you like making fun of people who are new we price into william's story well we got you covered employment gotcha procurement representing so we are so excited to be bringing you this episode because we wanted to focus on another musical figure this time in that is is ritchie vallon who's one of the four fathers of rock and roll and a pioneer of chicano rock but most of all he is became a son son and while researching the late musician ritchie valens we wanted to know more about the singer and his music and his community which is so important uh-huh and it's a community that to this very day still celebrates his music and his life and so i started to research his birthplace of quemoy and learned through historical society of bequem a website that barack obama is not just a dot in the san fernando valley. It's a city rich with history culture community art and this is just my take a antonio tacos and kebabs just saying my husband tonight did seek libya last year. We stopped and got some cockles. Doc goes over there and it was taco sounds so good. I know tacos men men with all my roommates. It's just got married last weekend because we were discussing on the way in and they had for their dinner a complete tangent <hes> a taco bar an i had so oh many tacos. I'd like ten tacos roughly. That sounds about right yeah. It was so brutal. I was so full but then you dance it off so it was a it's forty minutes later. I wanted more tacos the best wedding food new tacos. We're such good wedding food now. They're good for any occasion literally. I never don't wanna talk. There's never a time you know in good in tackles point in order to learn more about ritchie valens. We needed to get to no more about ritchie valens. Of course we need to know more about his community in his neighborhood has support system and bitcoin in its own right so in order order to do that we reached out to someone who not only grew up in proclaim ah but whose family grew up with ritchie valenzuela and that is crystal jackson who elites the historical society of a coma and last weekend i had the pleasure an opportunity to sit down with her over the phone and interview her for and just pretty much talk about her hometown of mccoy mma and the life and tragedy of ritchie valens so here it is here's our interview with crystal jackson and a brief history on coma he guys sitting down with crystal jackson who is the head point person of the historical historical society of bitcoin and author in her own rate and also documentarian so crystal have you on the line <hes> welcome to hollywood paranormal normal and just tell us about yourself in <hes> your duties as a you know organizing the historical society of a coma and other projects patrick's. You've been doing and have done in the past. Well i started off. I doing a film called climate story gland of green and it was a documentary documented on the history of the fifteen hundred year history of the coin and that kind of started me off and i gathered a ton of grass and i i didn't want it to go to waste after the documentary so i ended up for me. You've on being the historical society and basically that's a digital library to help preserve the history of the and the surrounding area so i started that and then after i did the film i thought it would be easy to do book but to my chagrin. It was more difficult to do. A book i have a book is coming out within the next excu months. <hes> it's called called the entrance. I'm a story and it's like six hundred page history book with the story that i've come across breath and people that i've interviewed and i it. It's an exciting book store. You within itself is worthy of within south. That's how great some of the stories are in their. My editor was just saying that now excited. I mean richie balance. They did on him but there's there's the north that are worthy of that just by the nature of the story i mean i'm looking at the website and the collections of stories and also the icons and figures that make up a coma <hes>. I guess we can jump right into it with the history as well. I mean the history of a coma dates. It's back. I'm looking at this to four fifty. AD which is really interesting and it just keeps on going and going and growing <hes>. Can you a brief history the <hes> of <hes> starring from earlier period till i guess now well. It's difficult weekly. I'm gonna feed that had to. It'd be edited because issues with the book. Basically it started a like like you read it four fifty in <hes> <hes> <hes> with the tribes there the tribe indigenous to the san fernando valley seamy valley <hes> santa clarita valley and antelope valley valley so this was their territorial rain for all those years many years and so that tribe has a very interesting story as to what in the happing according to them they ultimately ended up getting <hes> their travel captain roggio area roadshow ended up getting a victim from his land from a former. US senator who moved to who <hes> who the valley and purchased the northern half of his down valley charles maclay and charles maclay <hes> was taking uh property zero jackson was granted ten acres of land in the city of san fernando and he <hes> pat great landed have natural water springs on land and charles maclay was suffering from around and he needed that he actually ended up <hes> formulating relating <hes>. I'm not saying i won't say fabricating ended up manipulating the system to get <hes> when he picked it off the way any go out on a winter night in november eighteen eighty. Five industry is eighty year old wife was sick and a road trip ended up happening carry his wife. The san fernando mission and ultimately died of pneumonia gumbo. Yeah it was it was a real traffic story and in the herald you know they people wrote about it. There was like kind of story people accounting for what happened and they thought it was horrible but the could not do a white man in those days and and rocca was just basically so l. but but his story was interesting ended up living moving to government let lopez canyon and i'm actually meant to be one hundred so now charles mcrae of the other hand shortly after that in getting face cancer and died seven evans short years after that and <hes> and a host of other things ended up happening where that lies in the world is the no but it was very interesting story as to how everything but that's the start of the history and <hes> and then the town was purchased by another other gentlemen in eighteen eighteen eighty eight duet allen purchase cohen from their procurement became you know a town within itself and it missile town but he had a series of bad luck thing happened to have well to wet allen who wanted to talent it it was the first i walked in the fernando valley was acquired and he wanted to leave town he wanted everyone has been at least two thousand dollars on victorian owned with today <hes> amounts to four hundred thousand thousand home but <hes> he he had saw the but everything's basically filled a flood of eighteen ninety one wiped out the town of prior to the flood ladder fighter burke down allen's house but the interesting thing kind of happened in that that history deep oklahoma ultimately became agricultural <hes> by nineteen eighteen o seven it became agricultural town so cultural and then it was determined <hes> they wanted the minority section of pronounced valley <hes> they didn't want 'em non whites to live outside that area a few streets in north hollywood allowed minorities needs to purchase but the japanese the mexicans african-americans all ended up <hes> being limited in home imp appointment so that's where the the the interesting history starts in nineteen japanese game <hes> the early nineteen hundreds hundreds and they were farmer and had a great skill than manipulate not manipulate cultivating the land <hes> don't they have successes but then there was logged the napkin in nineteen thirteen and nineteen twenty to limit what the japanese the land ownership and they did all this stuff to suppress the japanese success asked him to tell and then <hes>.

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