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All right. We're rolling seventy eight already seven hundred wwl W sportstalk till nine gamble infants abrupt the reality. Check at that point later on in this hour Pat Brennan from the inquire talks a little FC. Cincinnati coming up in the eight o'clock hour. It's Tonight is the ten year anniversary of the cyclones winning the Kelly. Cup that was their second in three years. We'll. We'll talk with the voice of the cyclones at the time. John Hamill. We'll talk with the coach of the cyclones. At the time. Chuck Weber they'll check in at Eight, Oh five eight twenty, and then Doug. Flynn the glue at eight thirty five tonight I happened to notice. Today is the anniversary of his first Major League home run imagine being twenty four years old. Old playing for the big red machine in nineteen, seventy five. You get to replace Joe. Morgan in the seventh in your parents are in the stands, and you get your first major league home run. I dropped Doug. Flynn note on facebook today. And he said sure I'll come on, so he's coming on at eight thirty six tonight to talk about that moment, so we are. Are loaded up between now and nine o'clock alright excited to get with our next guest, because I watched Fox nineteen in a story that the routed and I said all right. I've got to talk with him. Because this is clearly like sweeping the tri-state, it is Joe Borough Jersey. Mania, that has unfolding the search for the number nine Joe Borough Jersey and who better. Than the epicenter of it all the iconic cook sporting goods on fourth fourth street downtown. Let's welcome in. Eric Cook. Eric Lance McAlister. How are you? I'm doing great. How're you doing tonight? I am very well and I'm glad you could spend a few minutes. Take take me back Joe. Borough was drafted April twenty third. How would you describe the demand for the Joe Borough Jersey since that night? Well to be honest with you. It started about a week before that we were taking pre orders for these and really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. We ordered a couple of hundred thinking well. We older, too many of these. Are People really going to be buying into this? You know, and then you know we we. We were closed down for. For a couple of weeks we opened up last Tuesday morning and it was like Christmas morning. We had twenty boxes or burrow jerseys waiting for us, and by Wednesday, they were just about all gone bad. Oh, man, I think everybody's frame of reference is back to Curson Palmer D. do you have a rely recollection of anything like this when Carson was drafted? Not even close you know Carson with heisman. Trophy winner first round pick but he wasn't Jodhpur. Phenomenon either I don't really understand it fully, but the build up around Joe Burrell compared to Carson Palmer. It's night and day for real media is much much bigger so as you mentioned you are now. You're open right now. Is that correct? We are yes. We opened our doors. Turn the life back on last Tuesday morning we have all the faith measures in place by the glass masks are required by anybody coming in, so we've been having walking customers as of last week. Yeah, do you? Do you have the borough jerseys in stock or do you have to order them at this point? We're still okay if you have if you're three XL. Your toddler or a youth size? We have those in stock still every other size. He ran out of like I, said before, probably in a day or so we went through a couple of hundred, so we actually have more on order. They are telling us at Nike that we should expect him hopefully by the middle of June or give me an idea of what say for an adult size something that I would wear. What is the cost of Joe? Joe Borough Jersey there eighty, nine, ninety nine. There's three different Nike Jerseys if they make. This is the cheaper of the three and really nice. He's had a manufacturing issue. Because of covid nineteen, it had to shut down a lot of their capabilities where they make these jerseys so really there only able to do the cheaper one four now. They told us during the season. They should have more hopefully. Knock on wood. capabilities to make all the others. I just checked my twitter feed, and I have a question from listener. Only one of my listeners can have this question I will toss it to you. You see Chris wants to know. He has a Curson Palmer Jersey. Can he bring it in? Have you strip the Palmer off in so borough in yesterday? I had a feeling that might come up. Yes we have done that before. We can certainly do advertising. Get in touch with us. you know the great things about the Bengals they love recycling numbers? You know from Rudy Daunton et Cetera then Jeremy Hill That might be more of a cost effective way of doing the The burgers even buying a new one. Absolutely talking about Joe Borough Jersey Mania, that is unfolding were at the epicenter of all of it with Eric Cook from Cook. Sporting goods on Fourth Street downtown. Let me let me switch over to the reds. For a second. They had built up so much momentum in the offseason with so many signings did that translate into reds? Fans wanting reds jerseys this off season. You know I have a feeling it would. That's one of the negative things, and of course we have to keep everything perspective with everything going on in the world, but we were really looking forward to a bigger red season than we've had in a Lotta years, and because we were shut down for a couple of months, we haven't seen it. you know which is a shame, but again I think whenever they start to play ball again. I think there will be that excitement again. So I think everybody in the city is open for that question related to the Regin Shogo Akiyama. If someone wants to show Jersey, does the back have shogo or does it have Akiyama? Well hockey on. Current, store, not. You can go the other way, too. That's beautiful I. Love the flexibility. I've also always struck by this and I saw this when I went to your website again today. You guys have been around this true. You guys have been around since eighteen eighty eight. That is correct, actually myself. My Cousin Ryan Cutting Kathy where the fifth generation we're all working there now, so we've been around for a while, not always selling sporting goods, but but you know I think we started with theater curtains and things like that and how a bit over the years yeah. What for those listening, who who want more about the Borough Jersey WanNa look online. What's your website? WWW DOT cook sports dot com Cookie Spelled Funky K. O. C. H. S. P. O. R.. T. S. Cook School Dot Com. Hey, it is a great catching up I appreciate the insight and best of luck going forward. Thanks thanks Eric there. You Go Eric Cook Cook Sporting Goods Fourth Street downtown. They can't keep them in. Everybody wants a Joe Borough Jersey. Talking with. Casey, earlier today about jerseys he has purchased. We've purchased or him birthdays Christmas. A you name it over the years and the luck. He has had with the players who he's got the Jersey of then being traded or leaving free agency. Can put together a really lengthy list. All right, Pat Brennan fills us in on the new FC FC Cincinnati coach coming up at seven thirty six will continue though it's Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. Arnelle, carriers your Global Transportation Provider visit our LLC DOT COM and Kelsey Chevrolet Open for sales and service with a new state of the Art Collision Repair Center coming in July seven hundred WWL W..

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