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The olympic cauldron to kick off these games. Can you tell us what that moment was like. And what it meant to you. Definitely i think the greatest moment of my career definitely For me means more than winning. A grand slam. I felt such a great honor for me. I felt like my mom was so happy. And that's one of my biggest things to make my mom happy and for me. Yeah couldn't have dreamed of bigger occasion. I guess if mom's happy everyone is out on the congratulations. Thank you for. I love you also answer that interview training. 'cause you know how she got back in form after having so much of a layoff people now. She didn't play for a while because some mental health issues to. She said she felt like a giraffe. Really great i loved your line. Twenty two if mom's happy everybody's happy. That was that was terrific. The other thing. I was going to ask you We've talked a lot about their concerns about people raising this taking a knee during the olympics. We know that United states the shopowner american shop a raven saunders. put her arms into an x. Over her head and that might have been a breach of the rules. Tell us about a raven. Saunders and also talk about it there have been many protests at all. I if so i. I don't know much about him. Yeah there really haven't been too many. I think there's been a couple displays. Believe i wanna see like the. I know the australian. I think women's national team for soccer unfurled. I believe prior to the match Aboriginal flag or they did something to honor the indigenous people. I'll australia. I want to say it might have been handed out. Took a knee prior to the match like during to show solidarity against racism should have been some subtle mostly women. I should point out raven. Saunders was probably the one that is getting the most attention because it was on the podium which was against ioc rules..

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