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To tell you about us Sondra I will talk about sleep I guess sleep to some some strange what people come in with with a sleeping issues and you know I wonder why people walking around with trouble to triple mocha latte swell sleep it off he's from god knows where because sleep deprivation causes sleep deprivation as having like a toothache or stomachache nine on of the most uncomfortable and one of the most awful things you can have yeah but what if so people are coming in I guess they've they're sleeping and you know they don't tell necessarily some sleeping issues it when they come in but you know when they come when they're done with the price what's cool about the program the people come in and they're very they're very very skeptical that they're even gonna lose weight and then they stopped focusing on the weight and start thinking about how their health is improving Sandra came in a thirty nine year old female she lost check severe sleeping issues she was she was having a lot adding up a trouble falling asleep trouble staying asleep waking up early tossing and turning just having a ton of issue sleeping and a lot of times it's an adrenal adrenal issue with cortisol levels and and things like that and you know the chorus solo so important they're supposed to you know they're supposed to cortisol is is great it's a it's produced by the adrenal glands and and so it's a posted during the day help you burn fat and night help you sleep and if your adrenal exhaustion issues a lot of time just to the opposite you can't lose you can't burn fat you can't sleep and so she came in she lost twenty four pounds in forty days so you know you know for great usually see twenty five to to thirty five with women so she was just a little bit under that but what's great about it is that she's not she says that after the first seven to ten days at a program she basically been sleeping like a rock falling asleep eleven o'clock she goes to bed well I'm wakes up at seven she says she doesn't even realize he's asleep.

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