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We'll go to A couple of questions here in a minute. But i want to ask you sam back to your show and the in studio interviews that you do In new york city at the headquarters. Who who do you want. Who's the top one two or three guys that you have not interviewed yet. You wanna get in studio t interview. Not because they're necessarily the biggest name although they might be. You know there probably are big name but who do you. Who if you had a chance to interview who you just think would be a really good interview and you wanna tap into what makes them tick and what. Their ideas are well. i think undertaker's always been my dream one. But that would have to be. the scenario. was undertaker interview. Would have to be one where he actually wanted to do it and we could actually sit down because he doesn't like doing that so i came in and just kind of whiz promoting something really wouldn't it wouldn't be the same thing but You know i would love. And i know him and i've talked to him before but i would love to get a non. Wwe contract did jbl. Sit down and really hard. You know for an extended period of time about everything. He's been through everything he's seen not only as seen. Wwe through all these different eras and been a part of it through all these different areas but he also has such just a knowledge of wrestling history and has been so tied to so many. You know backstage things and wrestler court stories that i love hearing and and all that stuff that i'd love to talk to him With no restrictions. Yeah i think. That's that's what. I was looking for something like that. You know not did you root for anybody to have a falling out with somebody but there would be a benefit to jbl. Having a falling out with took man went there. 'cause boy does he. Would he have stories and and run and we're really not that you want him to like i'm not i don't want to come in and like i'll give me the dirt barry this guy i just wanna know that you're coming in and telling me the real stories of what happened back and i don't think that i don't think you get the real stories. Unless ties are severed. I agree. Yeah the the best interviews are usually when somebody like the bischoff interview That i'm going to be reposting for vip members Coming up here. He talks about kevin done in a way that did not indicate he would be part of wwe projects in the future. You know like eric in two thousand nine was not thinking about a twenty sixteen release. Dvd in which you know he's gonna want kevin. Don and vince mcmahon on his side. He was speaking incredibly openly About his opinions on people and again. Yeah it's not about telling me something out of school. But it's tell me what you really think and i get that more when when they're not thinking about the next you know having to show up and and and you know ask for a raise next time or or just face that person at in a professional setting. Tv next week. I got an email question i've had open for a while. Let's go to we kind of covered the territory. But i think this will force us to dig a little deeper on. One of them are kevin. Vip member says highway. In sam. I have a question in regards to future stars on an old pro wrestling. Spotlight and retro radio shows. The topic of future stars in the business was discussed white more often than i thought it would be nonetheless. You wade were spot on with many of your choice. Steve boston mick foley etc who do you guys see on the indies or annex t or main roster who within five years will be a star and has the most potential to be a big star. sam obviously. We talked about kevin owens and shinsuke nakamura so those are kind of the two. We spent a lot of time on But who who out there. I don't i don't necessarily want to say dr carson and limit it because it can be a more conventional popular choice but who is used really properly. Besides those two do you think can be big stars five years from now. Well i think if he can stay healthy if he can stay away from injury. I've been high on adam cole for a long time and i think i think adam cole could do a lot. Because he's got the he's he. He is a guy who can survive in this kind of indy wrestling world. But also you talk for two seconds and you can see that he could also be a wwe poster. Boy you know what i mean he can do. Both you can sit down and do an interview but then he can also wrestle a mess that you know people in newsletters are going to be talking about. So i've been i. I really hope that. Adam cole gets that breaks noon and ends up in the xt and then on the main roster because i think he he could be a star. Obviously you know it goes without saying nakimora. I think American alpha is a team that We'll be talking about in five years you know. I think. I think both those guys are great but i think gable is like his ability to be entertaining is very reminiscent of kurt angle. The fact that he has the wrestling abilities that he does and then can pull off almost like he does like. It's it's it's funny i laugh. You know at the puns So i think i think american alpha And i don't know there's a lot. There's a lot of potential talent especially since right. Now is a unpredictable in the wintertime. Because they've really kind of their doors to step that they would never open their doors to like a year ago. I would have said you know zack. Sabre junior will australia guys like that. Don't have a chance. Because tiny. But now can i actually couldn't say that i think stable junior will be wwe. Which is insane. Because i mean you talk about a guy who does not have you know big hulking. wwe body. that's actually virginia. But i do think. I do think he'll be there Good good points. And they are the scouting annex t right now and obviously the scene more ripe with smaller guys. I mean it just it just kind of the way. It works But yeah i mean now. News of tommy end coming in from from england. Next x group and moose. I mean it's just there's there's outside the normal realm of who. Vince would go or kevin don. It'll be like oh yeah. Let's get that guy in here or that horrible overnight aspera. We were kansas suzuki. And i mean it's just like you know you gotta be six three and have a certain look you know. Even the drew mcintyre body type. You know they're looking outside of that now and we're name one name. I forgot to mention that. I really want to timothy thatcher. I think i think i think timothy thatcher is a guy that that if given the right opportunities could be a huge huge huge.

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