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Thank you jonathan we have a great show for you four brilliant contestants are backstage making advent calendar out of only prime numbers but only one contestant will be our big winner and our special guest is musician jason mraz he's during in the broadway musical waitress and he came up playing music in these san diego coffee shop seen which sounds like a pretty great place to pay your do schreyer in sunny california totally relaxed atmosphere everyone's sipping lot as and eating croissants and rating in their journals i guess the only downside would be that you have to compete with the sound of the milk froth her right to be leg okay my neck song use higher our first game is about tom hanks who it's already been nominated for an academy award let's meet our contestants first step christine syrua on buzzer number one you're a freelance writer and copy editor welcome your opponent is damien vendor patten on buzzer number two you work in it security a university welcome thanks for having me christine and damien the first of you who wins two of our games will go on to our final round let's start with a word game called hanks for nothing tom hanks of course is the only man in hollywood were still allowed to mention so so were mashing up titles of his films with other people places and things let's go to john colton for example if i said in the woods made famous by robin hood one man thwarts not only king john but also richard nixon all well learning that life is like a box of chocolates you would answer sure would forrest gump pay attention to the order of the klu because sometimes the movie will come first in the match up sometimes it will come second ring into answer and here we go in world war two we land on omaha beach the mission is the man and the man is the incredible handsome star of the notebook.

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