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Is I just got this note from somebody who is keeping a sharp eye on the drive by media. So anyway, the drive bys are going to get a hold of this. You know, what C N N's got CNN is going to fact, check Trump's speech live. If you watch CNN tonight, they are going to have kyron graphics. Pointing out when they think Trump has lied when Trump is making it up what you should believe what you believe. We'll see in fact, grab sound bite number seven and it will do number eight. This is Joe Lockhart. The former spokesman for Bill Clinton White House press secretary, Joel wait. These guys running there wasn't Clinton or Obama. Clinton has this guy then in oh. I don't remember one of the two ended up being the chief of communications for the National Football League during the kneeling and all that stuff. And he ended up leaving Obama rented his house in Kalorama section of Washington around which there are numerous fences, by the way. Numerous fences and walls, so Lockhart was on CNN new day today, and he had this idea about covering Trump's national address tonight the networks I hope struggled yesterday with the decision to put this on because he consistently hasn't told the truth. And you know, someone's got to fact check that if I were network consecutive, which I'm not I wouldn't put this on live. I would let him give the address and I look at it. And find out what's true. What's not? Or I'd say the text in advance. Let us decide and advance. What's true? What's not because we shouldn't be using our public airwaves for someone to spew more of these lies? You know, you have a president is trying to create hysteria for his own political purposes. Not to protect the American people. This is this the audacity of this is almost incomprehensible. So let us in the media. Let us Democrats. Let us radical leftists who define the truth to be whatever we say, it is let us see Trump's speech in advance. And let us determine what's fit to be seen and heard, and what isn't let us decide whether or not Trump is telling the truth. Yeah. Lockhart worked for Clinton. And. Lockhart rennet Obama's house. Exactly, right. And one of the bunch of walls around it. Let us determine what is cynical? And what isn't let us determine what's hysterical. And what isn't let us determine what you should see and what you should not see in advance the White House should give us the text. This is by the way, a request for somebody there. Too late the speech to them. This is actually what Lockhart is asking. He's asking for some Trump's saboteur. In the White House to leak Trump's speech, the text of it. So that they can do it. Right. So that they can protect the nation from the lies and from the stereo the Trump intends to say tonight. Because Trump doesn't wanna fix it. In years wants to create chaos. And so lot to say we at CNN should determine what the American see what the American people don't see we alone should determine whether the president is factually, correct or not whether he's lying or not. And then whether or not the president should be heard or seen David Gregory this morning same program now at CNN, formerly of meet the press, and this to say, I think there's an opportunity and a responsibility, and I know CNN do it to really scrutinize what the present says in real time as well as provide Democrats an opportunity to respond to that. There can be some debase in prime time. That's in the national interest about the government shutdown in about whether there is any kind of emergency at the border, which has been a case thus far made with so many falsehoods that are provable falls. Okay. So these guys are convinced that Trump is lying, then he's speech. Tonight's going to be filled with more lies and that they are. Are going to basically as a public service, and as media responsibility. They're going to provide real time commentary Ellen Allison, I mean line by line. They're gonna Termine whether Trump says something true or false and let you know. You know, this is this is again, this is something we used to do on. Rush Limbaugh the television show. Now, we didn't do it with live because our show wasn't live. But we then this when Democrats spoke we act, and we we created we suggested people create various signs to put on their TV screens to help them. Watch a bunch of lying sack Democrats and have fun with it. More ideas, being pilfered, and stolen and used by the drive by media that I can keep track of anymore. But aside from that the audacity of this would ever do this with Obama, you think they would ever even try this with Obama? If they do this with Trump, which they're going to do are, they not setting a precedent for now doing this all the time in the future. Whoever the president is. If they determine the president should not have the right to address the American people without the media, filtering it first. You know, their presidents are going to get a a path a pass on this and the drive-bys, of course, have announced that they are going to carry the democrat response, Chuck and Nancy are going to respond the President Trump tonight. This could be. Could be fun. Tell you. Why is because the Democrats and the media are so cocksure that Trump is going to just make a fool of himself. They are just certain that this is the night. They're going to expose Trump for everything they think he is this is the night that they're going to destroy Trump because Trump has lied through his teeth about immigration, illegal immigration and the wall and the crisis at the border and tonight, they're going to expose it. All. And then we have the news at palm peyot is out there talking to some kings somewhere telling him that he's seen the speech that Trump is giving he paused in the laughed and said it's gonna make. It's it's tell you what it is. It's almost like the road runner and the Coyote and the media. And the Democrats are the Coyote, and they think they've got the road runner Amir sites. How many times at the thirty minute show any envel- still ends up falling on their head where Trump is concerned. And the anvil falling on their head. The the analogy is Trump is president the next day. Trump continues to be president and he continues to try to implement his agenda despite their best efforts to stop him. And they have launched everything in their arsenal to stop Trump. And they haven't been able to and they keep launching and every time they get an opportunity like this. And they think this is day. This is the day. It's going to happen. I'll tell you the night before the Muller report comes out they may not be able to contain themselves. That they're already starting to wonder some various people in the drive by media starting to worry because there have been any substantive weeks. What happens if Muller doesn't have anything? They are starting are they going to fact check PO Chuck negative fact check Chuck and Nancy. Don't be silly. They're not gonna fact check Chuck and Nancy. They're going to automatically assume that Chuck and Nancy you're telling the truth in order to save a beleaguered nation from this this disaster. You know fact, checking was practically invented for the two thousand eight campaign. Because the drive bys felt they had the tear down every criticism of Obama. You remember this? In the two thousand eight campaign. Obama was out with one Walker after another for what we had the the Reverend Wright aspect of the campaign and Obama's real history, and whether or not he was born wherever he was in constant attacks to the the fact checking industry was practically born as a means of destroying the critics of Obama. And then once Obama was elected all the fact check sites announced that they were going to go dark. Unless they needed to defend Obama on some important point again. But that's how fact checking in its current existence. Really get going. Let me since I didn't get into a call in the first hour. Let me start now with remaining moments in this opening segment. We'll start Redondo Beach California with Travis. Thank you for holding, sir. How are you? I'm great at longtime long long time listener, first-time caller. Let me get to the point. They say that one in three women are children are raped coming to America. Through the border doesn't that make you know, at least one in three of the illegal men rapist or if not serial rapist coming through. And why is nobody right left or center talking about it? What is the staff that you've heard one third of women? Yeah. Approximately one third approximately understand I, you know, conservative. So I might be wrong. No, no. But I'm trying to is is this in in in caravans light from Honduras, Guatemala, or is this just the normal run-of-the-mill illegal immigration, crushing the border from Mexico. Again, I'm not positive, but as I understand it. It's just a normal. One third of women face rape on the way. Children women our children and their job. They're facing Raipur. They're being raped. They're being raped women and children. That's what they're saying on TV. Oh, okay. That means so your point is that means somebody's raping them. That's correct. And those people are probably part of the crowd trying to get into the country. And therefore the left is sponsoring about your rapists being allowed in the country. Yeah. And and pedophile. Oh, yes. Of course. Pedophile p does. Absolutely, right. Well, I have a vague. I have a vague memory recollection of this. I'm not I'm not actually certain of the it. Sounds too easy to criticize. I'm not sure that the rapists the alleged rapists are actually part of the crowd the caravan or whatever immigrating that they are just part of the populations that these great pioneers have to traverse. On their thousand mile journey from Central America to the southern border today, faith, not not that the man in the group are racists. Because that would that would as you point out that would defeat the whole purpose because these people are not considered to be in any way. I mean, it you start talking about the criminal makeup of this group and the left immediately hits you back as a racist. If you if you utter any criticism whatsoever of any of these people trying to get in the country illegally. You are immediately attacked as a racist. And a bigot. So I'll have to after check. I appreciate the call though. Thanks travis. This is solid. Brooklyn, your next jerk. Great to have you on the EIB network. Hi. Hi, rush. Have a good day. I have a couple of questions on converting. First of all why the left is obsessed with her. She's the most liberal members of the court a second of all and resigning a tweet. I most most to describe that's sad that somebody who would be able to have the power to get their legs to someone else. And not to a family member a loved one to give it to to a person who they don't even know a stranger profoundly sad. Well, you can look at it as profoundly sad. You can look at it as profoundly silly. An profoundly stupid what he's talking about. And let let me find it. Roger Simon a well-known leftwing journalist here. It is. Thank you Solomon to answer your questions here. Very quickly before we before we go to the break Roger Simon tweeden..

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