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Ultimate driving machine brought to you by opus Bank, six twenty three. At KNX. Carrie Underwood facing a lawsuit. So the NFL and NBC by pair of songwriters who claim that they stole the song to use for Sunday night football. The networks did, and Carrie Underwood. That's the claim the federal lawsuit says the game on song even use the same title that one of the songs writers from Newport Beach put on in a music video couple years ago. She claims that she pitched the song to Underwood's producer in twenty seventeen. There's some researchers thing that the Himalayan mountain range, these are the told us mountains in the world has less than three quarters of the ice. Had had a nineteen seventy five, the glaciers are melting twice as quickly as once did Sata's using some old photos of the Cold War to make their case for supply photos. And the city says this is called her climate change is the factor. Their stereo pairs can reconstruct the three dimensions of the surface of the earth. What we did was use those images to reconstruct the three dimensions of. Of the glacier services across the Himalayan range and compare them to more. Recent three d reconstructions study says the loss of is good lead to water searches shortages for the hundreds of millions of people who rely on it for hydropower agriculture and drinking. Oh my gosh. The traffic this morning, got few Sigler. He got the seven car crash in Boyle heights on it for you got you covered. Stay tuned, one minute away your next traffic update at six point four. So this one that we have the good news. And the bad news for the dodgers, here's record. Let's start off with a good double digit basis. As far as Chris Taylor's concerned to home runs, yet, a double, Cody bellinger's, twenty-fourth homerun, even Kyle garlic. The local kid first major league home run nine to the route of the giants now the bad starting pitcher. Rich hill, got through the first inning. But in the second he exited after some warmup pitches due to his left forearm. The not exactly. Sure, what's up there? He was put on the injured list, and, again, the final dodgers one nine two two angels and Blue Jays tied at three in the fourth inning Mike trout with the bases loaded on his excellent throughout his career with the bases loaded. And that is true that deep left center field doubt about it. Grad salami tie for by trial. Seventy-three halo, Mark? Cuba's Alikhan good on that prognostication on Fox Sports that Durell. How's the call angels win at eleven six there only two and a half back of a wildcard spot Padre swept the brewers from the sports desk. Randy can't extend seventy is raining. Doctors in Paris, hundreds of people expected at the state capital today. Pro vaccine versus anti vaccine latest hearing more coming up at six thirty at six twenty five prints. For traffic.

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