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Race. So for anyone that doesn't know it's gopro motor plex here mooresville, it's probably the coolest go kart track ever go to in your life. It's outdoor goes about sixty miles per hour for rental kart. So it's not just like a, a Branson tourist trap, go kart track where you're going five miles per hour around, and you can go with your grandma. This place is super fast just marks actually owns it with Michael McDowell and, and such all racing people involved in this thing. So every year it used to just be like. They got together just just off access drivers. If you are paint jobs. He gets to be entered into this race just a thank you basically, for any guys that were home it. So we read the whole track out, and it's gotten bigger and bigger every year last year we started donating all the money to charity. We don't we don't make a dime off this thing this year, we got century on boats that came on board. And we actually are going to give back to pass the handle wake for warriors. It's a it's a deal that they deal with veterans and stuff like that. So anything you can do to have fun and to give back like this is a win for me. So it's August nineteenth anybody's in town in mooresville. It's the Monday after the Bristol night race. So come out hang is free to get in free food, and I think we have one hundred drivers signed up this year. So any any NASCAR guys pick, guys. It's, it's a pretty cool place to see drivers up close and not have media or credentials. You have to get into it's, it's everyone's just they're hanging out and everyone wants to win this trophy that, that Corey legit builds every year. Always fabricates thing it looks awesome. Everytime. I've seen it and you know what? I know a final post actually has off axis helmet that he wears a lot of the times would that.

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