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Subaru dot com slash share for details. WCBS news time. Six Away traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the eighth sponsored by Subaru Hounds, the Dr Tom Kaminski, a tiny It has been terrible for Brooklyn and Queens. It has been loaded up on the beach, Huey and go on us and all around that area of much. Pardon Avenue. We still added last check the North bound side on Lee the right lane getting by. But even that right lane alternately opening closed with an overturned truck being worked on. So it is jammed both ways on the BQE in through that area, and he's loaded up right back to the belt Parkway. We're seeing delays on the belt Parkway. Just trying to get around any of this on the eastbound side going out toward Flatbush Avenue. More delays. Continuing out toward cross Bay Boulevard. We've had delays westbound side getting in through the area, the Verizon OAS Well now at this point, we've also had delays across the Brooklyn Bridge, and especially in downtown Brooklyn. The local streets just absolutely stopped. As a result of all of this. We've had delays North bound on the New York State for way at 303 collision there has been cleared away. It's been very heavy through Queens on the ally in the Grand Central. And then the l I e. The Northern and Southern State Parkway is right out through 1 10. And now we've got an issue on 1 10 south bound side on the ramp to 109 in battle on We have a collision in one lane closed there. I'm Tom Kaminski in the WCBS traffic center. Now with the WCBS eggs. Ergin Weather forecast meteorologist Craig Allen. I guess we won't be able to see that conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter for most. No,.

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