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It'll get to 40 if you leave it long enough in an air conditioned space. And then close it back up and it'll pull that, it'll pull that moisture out of that cup and then you have to replace the bourbon probably every four or 5 days just because it'll dry out in there and get kind of get kind of sticky, but that's a good that's been what we've found is that actually makes the cigars sometimes they barrel age them so that you get the wood flavor in them. And these taste like bourbon, not wood and it's just a different. Just a different way of doing it. And then the typically lately typically on a cigar, the last third is not the best part, but it's infused ones. They're magic in the final third. This is really good. So take it, takes four, 5 weeks, you know, you're gonna, you're gonna put them in, let them sit for a couple of weeks. We have found anywhere between two and 5 weeks as kind of the right the right thing to be in and out. Take them out, put them in a bag, re humidify them to get them back to where I use a little boba to pack, get them back to their 60, 65, whatever. Let them sit for a couple of days, three, four, 5 days, and then they're ready to go. Fantastic. Tonight, Jim. Yeah, well, we covered a lot of ground here and thanks for coming on. And anything you're looking forward to from stuff you've got on order or review stuff coming in that you're excited about and tell folks the best way to follow you for all that stuff. I am reviewing Samsung's new M 8 computer monitor, which is supposed to be the kind of alternate competitor to the fancy Apple monitor, which costs an arm and a leg. So I've got it here. I'm using it tonight, not that you guys can see it, but so far spectacular experience and beautiful design. So I'll have a review up on that in the next couple of weeks. The Samsung frame TV review 2022 version will be coming. I've also got a few gadgets for back to school time. I'm checking out the new JBL clip four portable wireless speakers. So if you're looking for something to send, the kids off to school with or to their dorm, I college with. All have waterproof? JBL click four. It is yeah, I think it's IP 67. So I'm going to try it in the shower, I think. Whether you wouldn't want to sync it in water, but something that probably not will repel it. And then I've got a little portable photo printer, the HP sprocket photo printer, prints little three by four photo stickers. So things the kids would like. So I'm going to check out a few of those. And yeah, that's kind of the highlights of what's coming in the next couple of weeks. You'll find it all at tech gadgets Canada dot com or tech gadgets international dot com. And I say make sure they subscribe to your YouTube channel. That's the way I watch you. And the alerts show up and they say, hey, Aaron has something new and I pop over there and watch it and I try to like it just as often as I can and you could do that too if you're listening or watching on YouTube, head over there and watch those like them, make sure you're staying up to date. Can I make one more plug for something? I just started a newsletter. So if anyone is interested in receiving the newsletter, you can go on to tech gadgets Canada dot com or tech gadgets international dot com scroll to the bottom. You can sign up for the newsletter and the newsletter is great because with every issue that comes out, we put them out every two weeks now. I'm trying to always have a tech giveaway. And this is a spoiler alert for your audience gym. The readership right now is small, so the chances of winning are excellent. So anyone who's listening now tonight should go and subscribe. And every week, like I said, we have this contest and you'll find out how to enter through the newsletter. But I'm trying to put in some really fun gadgets and giveaways, things that I like. And I think the audience will like to. So U.S. and Canada. U.S. and Canada, yes, absolutely. Would I be ineligible or can I sign up for it too? If I won would people be like, I think you should. I podcast guy. I have a randomized computer program thing that picks winners. So maybe we'll let the audience judge if they think it's not fair that you could potentially win. We can respect that. Audience, what do you think? Yes or no. Give it thumbs up or thumbs down if you want to do that. On our way out a couple chat room comments, producer bob got us the exact date July 31st, 2022. George George Jetson's birthday show that he is now 18 days old, and we just got to find him. George. I'm a happy birthday well, happy two month or 18 days, whatever. Bob also agreed with you with your egg bites. And then he said, or find a local food service that was supply you with a takeaway or delivery for the meals for these devices. That'd be a little tough because it's pretty expensive device and getting that specific may be difficult, but I like the idea. And then bob asked me any bourbons work better than others. And I said, I say the one you really like. And I've actually tried a couple different ones. I don't know if it matters. That much, but certainly the more flavor the bourbon has. I think the better he said to angel's envy or Woodford reserve double oaked. The double oak, if you want to get that real flavor in it, yeah, the double looked for sure would be a good and if you like those and so let's see bob subscribed to the newsletter producer bob. Sorry, I got to get that title, right? Producer bob. Brian said, do it. So I can, I can win. That's good. And then all right, all right. We're all in it to win it. Of course you can win. So the producer bob says it's okay, so then I think it's okay. Aaron, thanks for coming on. Tonight, can you hang tight with me for one second? Yes. Close this thing up. Okay. So just a couple of reminders on the way out if you want to take the conversation to the Discord channel, the average guy TV slash Discord if you want to jump in there. Lots of good conversation. Actually, a lot of good deals in there of late. So if you want to jump in and get there, you can do that as well. If you want to leave me a voicemail message and why wouldn't you? Home gadget geo dot com. There's

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