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The FBI and Secret Service have joined the hunt for the suspect in that Florida water hack. Someone hacked into the city's supply, tried to load it with dangerous chemicals. They know the hacker used a remote access software platform that had been dormant for months. And it's now raising alarms about just how vulnerable the nation's water systems maybe two attacks by more sophisticated intruders. The Washington Post has published a piece it says Conservative talk radio is dying ad revenues drying up. It is well known, of course, that Rush Limbaugh is being treated for lung cancer. And the post goes on to say in this article that the future of conservative talk radio is bleak. Is that accurate this morning? We're going to show you both sides of this on one side from the post article. The argument is this talk radio is facing an aging audience. Decline in ad revenue and competition from new mass media forms like podcasts, But this is not a new argument. By the way, take you back way back. May of 2011. This is almost 10 years ago now. Host name sink. Ugur, who was the host for the young Turks and for MSNBC at the time predicted the death of conservative talk radio was right around the corner again. This is from nearly 10 years ago, when he made this statement all this invincible conservative talk radio was a Maraj. Okay. It was just based on lies and terrible way of recording ratings sank. Iger just almost 10 years ago, making that prediction And here's how he justifies that prediction. 10 years ago, Rush Limbaugh is having some trouble with his ratings, for example, as John Avlon points out in the daily Beast. In Charlotte, North Carolina, has dropped from 6 to 12 in Oregon has dropped from fourth to eighth. He's dropped in San Francisco. He's dropping all over the place. In fact, conservative talk is doing so poorly that the first station who carried conservative talk full time K B I in Seattle. Has dropped the format entirely. They've gone back to music former MSNBC host predicting some 10 years ago, Conservative talk was about to die Well. Here are the most recent rating. The new numbers. Rush Limbaugh, 15.5 million listeners. Sean Hannity, 15 million listeners. Dave Ramsey, 14 Million Mark 11 11 Million Glenn Back 10.5 million. Four of the Top five are conservative talk show that probably was driven in large part also by the President Trump's election. Former President Trump in that whole campaign leader. Now on the other side of The Washington Post article is Hugh Hewitt, he says, not only his conservative talk radio still alive and well, he says, its future is very bright. He is with Hillsdale College. They are conservative institution of higher learning. And here's what he said. This was a speech you gave back in 2015 1st. It was Russian talk later that it was The Fox News channel, and then the conservative blogger Sphere came up. 1989. There was the national Review. There was the American Spectator and a few very high and publications that people could enjoy if they have money and leisure, but it was still by mail in the Pony Express. Afterwards, everything began to flood the zone. So we're winning because of that transition, and if we keep turning out Craftsman. Like John and you are turning out here. We're gonna win. Because we have the added benefit to quote Kissinger of it being true. We're on the right side, and that's why we dominate and we won because it was right. That's why we're gonna win the next generation. So when we saw that Washington Post article yesterday caught our eyes. They really is it really dying, and then it just harken back to the line from. I think it was Mark Twain Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated. I think you know, conservative talk radio isn't dying, but neither is progressive programming. I think we're just becoming more siloed. Well in podcasts are just all the rage right on me. And then you look at the television landscape You've got away in on Newsmax. And now something new called Aisa. Gloria s. Oh, there are a lot of siloed places to get news, which you know, some people say it's not such a great thing. Well, we shouldn't be siloed. We should Be open to all ideas. I guess so. But anyway, the debate is out there and not any one particular political forums going away anytime soon. No, it is 8. 50 is the time. Let's get out and check on the traffic..

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