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Oh and dr which nature that she was really comfortable on so on a lot of morphine so that you in beni pain wake up scared when i saw the the doctors showed me the brain scans which uh some people like uh did you really want to see that but it gave me comfort in what our decision would be granted had a dr on and in canada the also do have euthanasia if you choose losers of a big processed it out we just wanted to make sure that she was really comfortable so they uh when i saw that and i sent it to my neuropsychologist sisterinlaw she she took a look to in so it was like nice to see that yes like she would be you know halfparalyzed loss of language it was on her a ball all left side so her right side was paralysed because the the the the sides are opposite each other now ryan she didn't have language wouldn't understand people were saying she'd normally angry night guard he's tall asked about this like people don't like to talk about tough because it's so horrible this galileo it's a hard subject his own monthly everyone's eyes none of us get out of this this alive freight but you need to talk to the people around you about what they want because it's hard decision and i knew wish you want and it was nearer decision you own how long have there been married for the st three years while yossi gal i've been married to frankfurt decade this year if he died i don't think i would want to live to know if i may in an i just imagine that times is six point three.

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