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Power and he is well well he's a big reason why another big reason why the dodgers are onto the world series and they exact some revenge against the cubs of course it was a year ago wrigley field that the cubs eliminated the dodgers squashed their dreams by winning in six games of the championships theory so congratulations to the dodgers near that final call with charlie steiner on the dodgers radio network we'll get into all of the nuts and bolts of this particular game and is theories their work co mvp's which was interesting clayton kershaw on the mound gets his second win of this series and he allowed just a solo homer ryan to chris bri it only three hits over his six innings pitched the dodgers meanwhile gave him more than enough runs support and this was a sweet moment for the dodgers fan base as well as dave roberts and his clubhouse again it's after hours with amy lawrence on cbs sports radio i just wanted to hear clayton on tbs after the game because i was still watching i want to see the celebration i wanted to see the interviews and clayton was the first person that same ryan caught up with on the tbs post game show and the second she brought up world series he got all joke and you can hear the emotion in his voice he almost couldn't get the words out world series and why not why not be emotional when you've been a part of some teams that have gotten so close but just couldn't get over the hump this is an early nerd alert for the show but the dodgers stretch of 10 playoff appearances without a title now that does not include this year they are the world theories but they may not win we don't know their opponent yet so this very well could stretch to eleven playoff appearances without a world series title but right now it's ten and it's a major league baseball record and it doesn't meet all of.

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