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This week was a court appearance amount necessarily an appearance say clarified this way with the howard service taxpayers associations john koo paul basically what it was was the other side this would be josh newman's cohorts was supposed to come to court and give the judge their arguments their paperwork why the latest legislative bill passed in sacramento unsigned signed by jerry brown to delay this recall show also be thrown out by this judge that's what they had to do so so when's the judge and here's what they did a court filing on behalf of newman said that the california legislature acted properly in adopting new rules for a recall campaign against him and it charged a lawsuit challenging the rules is just politically motivated this sort of but he says politically motivated sign they have no argue because they want him out yeah exactly right of course it's politically motivated we don't know that's which is a is a is a political issue when we talked a crowd the mild tomorrow from reform california maybe he'll know when the judge will make a decision because the clock is running it is october they wanted to do this election in november the car tax the gas tax takes effect november first for those of you are a curious as gas prices will trump what does it twelve since the tax the gala night teens sense by some estimates by some estimates yeah because there's two parts to it were they reject another tax formula and it may be a nineteen so we are the gas tax swap crappier it could we could be as much as a nineteen cents increasing all that will just be that'll be blamed on the hurricane cers right not paper over and what are we going to get the cap and trade increase one is that going to catch supposed to kick in next year uh maybe i'm going to go electric should i well they want to they want to some idiot near legislature wants to ban electric cars after twenty forty oh we're gonna talk about that next but i just want to mention this very suspect pole which got some media coverage yesterday including of course the los angeles times of course a pole of a thousand people via phone interviews in email polling what does that i don't know but whatever it is i don't trust it something called of pollster adam pro bowl ski.

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