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Time teaching or shock collar ties in with that there's also a lot of gang affiliations which kings folks you know crips and bloods and stuff like that which is in they use a lot of crown symbolism did you happen to be ask you did your crown happened to be five point or a six point crown let me see here one two three one two five okay we'll see that would tie in i think what was crips so it's strange that you did that because like i said it's really weird listen i got to do a little cliff hanger here we'll get your explanation for what i drew on my paper when we come back steve ascher stays with us we'll open up the phones again particularly if you're a corrections officer i would love to hear your story here's jeff lynne taking us into the break with when i was a boy on coast to coast him the half and when it breaks i'm eric gaffney live from the twenty four hour newsroom fire officials say they're gaining ground in the fight against the hundred acre fire burning in santa barbara county near goleta it's eighty percent contained santa barbara county fire captain dave's anna bonnie says the winds have died down and the worst may be over verdict since from six pm on is going to be a significant cooling trend about twenty homes and buildings have been destroyed a woman in tennessee has found dozens of multi leg roommates who don't pay rent angela wright was bitten by a recluse spider in her apartment unable to walk in hallucinating she was rushed to the hospital brown recluse spiders are venomous its bite can cause fever rash chills and nausea among other side effects after the er the woman went back to her apartment where she found even more creepy crawlers she says they were everywhere in her bed on the ceiling and even in her shoe she found about fifty of them she called an exterminator due to the infestation right says she hopes to break her lease julius later kfi news ontario mills mall has been evacuated after someone ran into one of the shops and said everybody run police police say the chaos seemed cam came from a group fight that started in the food court police say reports of an active shooter were false video from the scene show people calmly leaving through the various exits at the mall with a very heavy police presence there's a report of someone with a leg injury that may have happened when people started to run from the exits taking him with traffic now from the helpful socal honda traffic center is work zone on the ten this is alhambra on the ten eastbound from atlantic to roseby boulevard gallery is going to be taken away the carpool and left lanes until five am monday morning your drive is below speeds.

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