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How did this number of point eight grams the protein come to be calculated that the way that they got the number the third recommended daily allowances zero point eight grams her killer per day is that in the fifties your 60s or whenever they decided to do this they had actually serve aid a number of healthy people also remember these are people completely free of disease very well and they look that the average american so remember again americans are eating much more protein than anybody else in the world everybody else in the world was trying to recover from the warren was not nearly as wealthy as 1950s america so america was eating on average zero point six grams per kilo per day so when they decided to make a recommendation they figured well the average is zero point six so people are healthy and zero point six now we're going to add two standard deviations above because we wanna make sure everybody gets enough so we're going to make the recommendation at zero point eight grams per kilo per day so that everybody gets the zero point six that we think that they need so that's out the zero point eight km about remember in 1950s america everybody's eating point six on average and doing very well so what's the right answer again it depends on who you ask i think somewhere on the order of zero point six zero point eight is perfectly reasonable to me if somebody has a lot of weight to lose then i think they have excessive protein stores so the collagen the connective tissue the skin all that stuff that holds the fat cells for example that's all protein that needs to be broken down so i think you need to go on the lower side if you have we to lose if you don't have we to lose.

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