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Doesn't seem like a smart idea um so that is what took a long time was to take that mold and isolate what is the compound in here that will help us treat infections and how can we do that just because something worked in a petri dish doesn't always mean it will work in the human body and even if it will making that happen is a that's a big process sleight of research goes into that so it took a long time it actually wasn't until 1940's to now we've jumped from 1928 to nineteen forty dead he was doing this research and he was publishing and another scientists dr howard florey who was a professor pathology at oxford university got really excited about it and said you know i think we can help with us so him and hit and another biochemist that he worked with dr ernst chain started working on this process how can we make more of this mold and isolate what in it will treat nina will kill the staff so the problem that and they they were very successful in doing this except that what they ran into is that it took them 2000 leaders of mold culture so they had to create two thousand leaders of this mold in the lab to isolate enough penicillin which was the key what that was what they call the compound that they found that inhibited the growth of bacteria to treat a single case of sepsis in a person uh that's a lot of mold lot annoyed to treat one person and they were having trouble overcoming that 'cause that what happened is they had this new thing they were using it in their lab in it seemed to work really well um and then there was a local case of a guy albert alexander who was a police constable who had been working in his rose garden when he nicked his face probably i'm assuming a thorn or something and he developed a really horrible say elitest from that infection of a skin and obsessed media big pocket of plus an infection under there he became septic he was dying and they were giving himself a drugs which were around at the time and.

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