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Washington WWW and assets wt LP FM Braddock heights friendly Jack Taylor now in the traffic center All right let's talk bellway delays We'll start in Virginia where it remains heavy coming out of the Springfield interchange near the Robinson terminal had not been day in and Dale the heavy traffic again in merrifield approaching 66 then slower as you leave the dulles toll road riding toward Maryland across the legion bridge with your lanes reported open in Maryland topside outer loop We've got a delay just after 95 headed over toward George avenue then into the big curve by the time you get down to river road your pace is good inner loop had been a little bit heavy moving into college park There was an earlier wreck that's now out of the roadway Also a delay approaching the John Hansen highway as you head down toward two O two but nothing reported in your way along the way All right riding into the district in southeast Pennsylvania avenue near Alabama avenue we had a crash involving an overturned vehicle Please follow police direction there D.C. two 95 will slow Just after eastern avenue down toward east capitol street not too bad right now coming up out of box and cove north on I two 95 We were heavy passing laboratory road then you may find a break later too as you try to exit to go inbound on the 11th street bridge The WTO traffic centers presented by window nation by two windows get to free Visit window nation dot com today Jack Taylor WTO P traffic And now the storm team fours Mike stiffer Partly to mostly cloudy today only a slight chance for shower high throw to mid 70s on Friday partly sunny breezy warmer muggy Thunderstorms likely during the afternoon and the evening hours these could be severe highs upper 70s to lower 80s.

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