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Their money back in order for anybody to get their money back. Then all these outcomes have to be hit. Commissioners have to figure out how they want to pay for it. Eric like, NewsRadio KLBJ. Austin city council struggling to find public support for renaming Manchester road, the push involves renaming it too. Chaka road after Jose Antonio Machaca, but a recent survey of property owners along the Roseman met with very lacklustre response CAL's memorabilia, Garza says changing the name would support others who've victimized by the butchering of their last name. I can't name the number of times I've gotten things address to council member Garcia, which is really offensive to me. Only four percent of property owners have given any sort of response. A lot of it's been an opposition. Nevertheless, the proposed name change will come before council. Tomorrow at city hall, the central Texas regional mobility authority will be closing down the crossroads of one eighty three at fifty first street technical center drive in bomb road and begin replacing them all with non signalled u-turns. This has the authority continues work on the one eighty three expressway project, which is injured near to have six lanes in either direction half of which will be told between US to ninety or the minor expressway and as seventy seventy-one down by the airport. So it's a critical quarter for people who travel to and from the airport from points of north Austin down to the airport. Authorities Steve Postel Nick says it'll be faster. Appropriate for the area and traveled to ABC only seems to be going up John Kelly, NewsRadio KLBJ and right now down at Austin's airport. We've got some cloudy skies. It's currently seventy six degrees. Not Patrick Osborne. You can get Austin news on demand at newsradiokkob J dot com. The following is a paid political announcement one thousand.

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