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Do things and vice versa. Neil lord can stain. You can hear more from Colleen and our other departing friends at WTO P dot com. You might have some new year's resolutions in mind, but what about some for your kids? Children's national hospital, doctor anisha Abraham says setting resolutions for kids in 2023 could be a healthy way for them to start thinking about setting goals for themselves. It's this concept of kind of kick starting the year in a positive way and really ensuring that they're thinking about habits. These goals could be anything from trying to eat more fruits and vegetables to sleeping more or committing to spending more time away from screens. But make sure they're actively participating and the resolution making process. Getting out people involved in brainstorming some of the things that they want to do differently is really the way to make sure that this happens. To learn more about talking to your kids about setting resolutions head to healthy children dot org. Stetson Miller, WTO P news. Forget that champagne toast or a kiss when the clock strikes midnight. You need to eat the grapes people. Yay. Have you seen degrades? Right? Why would you eat the grapes? They were in a bowl, they were washed. I paid for them. They were for the new year. The tradition dates back to 19th century Spain, but thanks to Modern Family and TikTok, of course, it's back. I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna eat 12 grapes. The 12 grapes signify the 12 months of the year. You're supposed to eat one grape at each chime of the clock at midnight. TikTok is always full of suggestions. Try to find smaller grapes. Yeah, smaller grapes probably are helpful and make sure you eat all of them by the final chime for good luck. Stacey Lynn, CBS News. Coming up police want to find whoever's been firing off shots in or near some Northern Virginia parking lots, ten 43. If

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