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I like ohio's ballantyne offensive when will effectively in little rock for right around for airports an offense defense alliance or me four ohio there are able to run on bowling green at the front seven aware of them down number campaigns thick tomorrow afternoon all right and in akron at western michigan a western michigan team that came off that seven overtime game against buffalo one of the crazies games of all time seventy one sixty eight western michigan ends up getting the w and does something about watson he was able to get five touchdown passes the running game solid i mean when you say were that many points but again a lot of those possessions seven overtime possessions your starting at the opponents twenty five yard line so you know just some incredible stats and that's where you have to kind of look at these stats and go through them the rest of the year because when you take averages you've got a con a play that into the equation there that there were a lot of his possessions starting at the opponents 25 yard like toledo comes in and toledo was in a tough game last week joey i mean this is a the rockets team with woodside running the show eleven touchdowns just you know one interception with these teams used to scoring points that will and you know easter michigan team gave him all they wanted you're taking this game toledo they are at sorry i'm the i'm on western michigan an acronym gai keep dropping down started woodson invented words therefore akron usurps terry bowden boys again forgive me john i've got so many papers over here that i'm trying to stay on top of but akron and western michigan spain iin this game right now it is western michigan fourteen point favorite over accoring and is it's in your take on that one clinton coast playing their curio in the conference western michigan one must ballgame but nothing search bring it eight i pick pretoria when the earthquake what points per game warning the football little better we get any better in each and every week secondary oh to factor western michigan seven overtime to earth veterinary critiques standpoint i like credit covered a number of close earlier in the in.

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