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Don't get that the cream we're back in the pack out fifty three traffic and weather together I don't think the likes that idea but I don't think he likes the traffic volume today either so whatever help and yeah we are looking at a rough ride here on the pike westbound is she's busy from the TV tower out to Newton corner route sixty to route thirty forty five out the other was for service your response field and route sixteen to the Newton corner let's check out now the operand of one twenty we got some problems my offer insurance copter what's up there we have a new problem here on the south side of one twenty eight the crash this cabinet ninety three in reading you've already backed up to route twenty eight and that's probably going to get worse north bound about twenty things have cleared out through Waltham following earlier may help there but it is slow but for two twenty five then for route thirty eight Rupert awfully Wakefield president of offer insurance copter forty five north down there's a crash clearing your one nineteen a little too then it looks like we've got delays for ninety five south might be something just after ninety three in Andover ninety three look slow near one thirty three well ship delays leaving the city as you work your way up towards a Roosevelt circle if you take a look downtown the liver connectors jam stroll drive east back to mass have rob Pacolli WBZ's traffic on the threes how to get a check on the four day WBZ accu weather forecast that is brought to us by the Toyota Prius with electric all wheel drive here's why after a lot of sunshine today it's gonna be a mainly clear night tonight Sir but temperatures really won't be dropping very much at all in fact temperatures will likely stay in the twenties I'm really not fall too much.

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