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The run the search for Peter Manfredonia now spanned several states he's wanted in connection with the deaths of two men and a woman's kidnapping attorney Michael Dolan at a brief news conference spoke for the family urging Manfredonia to stop running nobody wants any harm to come to you it's time to let the healing process began it's time to surrender police in Pennsylvania have been investigating a possible sighting of Manfredonia on Sunday after his car was found at the New Jersey Pennsylvania border he is believed to be armed guard all Scott fox news president trump threatened to move the Republican convention out of North Carolina unless the democratic governor can guarantee that it will take place at full capacity in August a side effect of staying home cars are sitting idle in drawing attention from thieves many Americans are sheltering in place and leaving their cars trucks and SUVs sitting on attended for long stretches of time police say that's made their vehicles easy targets for car thieves car break ins are up sixty three percent in New York in seventeen percent in Los Angeles compared with the similar time table in twenty nineteen Austin Texas all a whopping fifty percent increase in car thefts in April of this year over last the good news the overall violent crime rate is down dramatically Tom Graham fox news an attorney for the family of a murdered black jogger in Georgia tells TMZ the justice department's launched an investigation into his shooting death three white men are charged in the death of a log armory and Wall Street was closed for Memorial Day I'm Carmen Roberts this.

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